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Allergy season

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The thing that astonishes me about vitamins is that they actually work. I took potassium and it relieved me of the nightly leg cramps I experienced after having my DVT. That was what got me started.

J. has terrible hay fever. My own year-round hay fever, allergies and asthma seemed to have mostly cleared up since I started eating properly, and we’re both on an identical “nutrient dense” diet (low carbing plus following the Weston A. Price principles, but such a diet can’t cure everything. When J.’s allergies started up at their usual time in March, he was really suffering – he couldn’t sleep at night because he was so bunged up and sneezy all of the time. I resorted to Dr. Atkins Vita-nutrient Solution for an answer.

The big A recommends vitamin C, B5 (pantothenic acid), quercetin, magnesium and fish oils as part of the treatment plan. The only thing I had in my cupboard of wonders was vitamin C, to strengthen my leg veins and ward off colds. So we gave it a try. Three grams of vitamin C over the course of a day, and J. had stopped sneezing. He was still a little irritated around the eyes and nose, but much better, so we kept it up.

While we were back in the UK, I picked up the other ingredients, along with some conventional cetrizine. J. started taking the cetrizine immediately. Back in France, I began feeding him so many vitamins he rattled. Pantothenic acid is supportive of the adrenal glands, it helps them to work correctly. Anyone feeling frazzled, emotionally exhausted, stressed, hypoglycaemic or allergic should give it a go. It’s helped me considerably this year when recovering from low-blood sugar. Vitamin C and quercetin act as natural antihistamines, and so do fish oils.

J. had no irritation at all, and I began to think the tree pollen season was over. But then he missed one day of pills, and his allergies came back immediately.

“Do you think,” I suggested one morning, “you maybe ought to try just taking the vitamins? I don’t like you being on allergy tablets, I worry about what they’re doing to you.”

“I haven’t taken any cetrizine for ages,” J. replied. “It’s the vitamins that are working.”

Now it is my turn – grass pollen season began on Sunday when we were in Geneva. I couldn’t stop sneezing. I calmed down on the plane, but began to sneeze in the taxi on the way home, to my dismay. When I got in I immediately took a dose and twenty minutes later had calmed down. I’ve been letting them wear off before I take another set – that way I can tell they’re effective. I seem to need them mid morning. I’m left with some sinus pain, but at least I’m not sneezing – and I’m not taking pharmaceuticals, which has got to be good.


Written by alienrobotgirl

1 June, 2004 at 10:58 pm

Posted in Vitamins

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