Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

An Unfortunate and Lengthy Adventure in Misdiagnosis

What causes hypoglycaemia?

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My hypoglycaemia still bothers me sometimes for no apparent reason, despite being on a low-carb diet. I have a new theory as to why it developed every day.

My granddad developed type II diabetes in old age. He had a short fuse and got annoyed easily, though he was very loveable. My mum and dad both have the same short fuse and apple-shaped weight problem, so perhaps this is an inherited problem that has hit me early because of the carb-heavy diet people have been eating for the last twenty or thirty years.

Perhaps warfarin had some sort of effect on my ability to raise my blood sugar and has damaged me in some way. I have searched and searched for information on a connection between blood sugar and warfarin, I just can’t find any studies to confirm or deny it.

Well, obviously carbs can be a killer. I was just eating more carbs and doing less exercise, and my hypoglycaemia is purely to do with insulin resistance and weight gain. But how can it be? I am lighter now than I ever weighed, my BMI is 20, but I still have a problem!

Transfats (hydrogenated vegetable oils) are known to contribute to insulin resistance because they disrupt important biochemical reactions related to blood sugar by substituting themselves for saturated fats in the body’s cells. Maybe years of eating transfats and polyunsaturated vegetable oils, including a probable increased consumption last year, contributed to my hypoglycaemia. I wonder what percentage of the fat cells in my body are trans, and exactly what I can do to get rid of them? If I could burn off every last trace of trans I would.

The pill and increased levels of oestrogen contribute to insulin resistance. I was on the pill for a couple of years. So shouldn’t I have started to get better, not worse when I stopped taking it?

Certain vitamins and nutrients play key roles in regulating blood sugar, I may have been deficient in those nutrients after a period of not eating very well and being vegetarian. I might still be deficient in these nutrients. But believe me, if there is a vitamin out there that could possibly help, I have taken it ad nauseum!

Candidia infections can supposedly spread to the pancreas where they damage beta cells and cause hypoglycaemia. But I had no symptoms of a candidia infection, unless it was a “silent” infection? Everything I’ve read from legitimate sources suggests this is unlikely unless there was something really wrong with my immune system – and I’d know about that.

Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disorder. I have a long history of vaguely “autoimmune” problems – my teenage years had me screwed up with fibromyalgia. I have considered the possibility of autoimmune problems more than once – but my insulin output surely would have been lowered, not raised. Type II diabetes isn’t autoimmune, it’s more a metabolic imbalance.

I was in a constant state of adrenal exhaustion. I was very scared in hospital, and in the months after coming out of hospital and I would have fluttery panic feelings all of the time. Adrenaline raises the blood sugar whether required or not, so perhaps I was raising my blood sugar and pumping out insulin to cover it at an accelerated rate, ending up trapped in a cycle of overproduction. Ultimately, this has damaged my ability to control my blood sugar. This is currently my favourite theory, though could it really have caused permanent damage?

Will I ever find a cure? Will my body ever heal? I don’t believe my problem was merely overweight as losing weight, whilst it has helped, has not healed me. I’m still unable to process carbs like normal people.

Why do some thin people develop type II diabetes? Is there anyone out there who can clarify this for me? Halle Berry is a type II diabetic, and she was naturally thin when she was diagnosed with type II diabetes. So what went wrong for her and could it relate to me? Apparently her control method is that she “doesn’t eat carbs a lot” either. Ha!


Written by alienrobotgirl

1 June, 2004 at 10:55 pm

Posted in My History

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