Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

An Unfortunate and Lengthy Adventure in Misdiagnosis


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I was very desperate in the autumn of 2004, fatigued and suffering from worsening eczema in spite of trying everything under the planet to fix it, from pharmaceuticals to vitamins and minerals to numerous elimination programs and radical changes in diet. My eczema seems to be closely related to blood sugar fluctuations and has gotten worse over time as I fail to keep my blood sugar in check in spite of rigorous dietary control.

Notes from October 2007

This is from an irrelevant post that I’ve since junked – but I thought it was worth keeping this snippet just to remind me how bad my fibromyalgia became after I returned to the UK. My face itched all the time. I was constantly fatigued. I was ashamed to leave the apartment because my skin was so bad. During the autumn I was in floods of tears over little tiny things. I could no longer face doing any programming work because I couldn’t concentrate at all – I was deep into ADD. I wanted to write, but I couldn’t write because the thought of writing filled me with dread. I couldn’t make a simple phone call because the thought made me so nervous.

What was I doing differently?

  • I was ordering vacuum packed organic meat of the internet, that was dispatched by overnight carrier. It wasn’t kept cold enough, and always smelled slightly sulphurous – it was full of amines and glutamates.
  • Because this meat made me hungry, I ate more of it. My protein consumption rose from about six ounces a day to eight or ten ounces. I’ve since learned that extra protein makes me very tired.
  • I ate in a slightly calorie deficient way in France. I always had energy as a result. But back in the UK I couldn’t keep it up.
  • I think I really needed some sunlight.
  • I was happy and I felt like I was ‘on holiday’ when I lived in France. Back in the UK it was like being flung back into my old depressing life again.
  • I stopped taking vitamin E and replaced it with vitamin K1.
  • In a desperate attempt to cure myself I had tried all sorts of things like B vitamin megadoses and eating lots and lots of liver and fermented products – the Weston A. Price Foundation’s fault – I blame the crying on those. I was eating kefir and sauerkraut most days. I got a juicer and started making green juices because I thought I needed some vitamins that maybe hadn’t been discovered yet.

Poor me. I started putting weight on, and putting weight on, and I couldn’t figure out why. I was very scared that there was something seriously wrong with me. There was – fibromyalgia is very serious. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to get genuinely trustworthy information about it on the internet so I tried all kinds of crank cures. I had no idea I was being affected by food chemicals. Though I certainly felt poisoned by something.


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3 May, 2005 at 12:32 pm

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