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The return of the porker

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The Story So Far…

A long time ago in a kitchen far, far away…

  1. The Porker Diet: How to Fix your Chronic Fatigue
  2. The Porker Diet Update
  3. The Porker Strikes Back

And now, Episode IV, “The Return of the Porker,” Phase V, “The Fat Fast.” Can The Porker defeat the Forces of Insulin and lose weight before she runs out of clothes that still fit?

Phase V – The Fat Fast

Come September I felt pretty strong and healthy. Never cold, rarely fatigued, I hadn’t had a missed heart beat in weeks. Due to stress and lack of sunlight, my eczema started to flare up more. I’d been on two more holidays and each time had been forced through circumstance to break with the diet and had put on a couple more pounds (but thankfully not five like I did in Mallorca!). I felt that my body had recovered sufficiently for me to start assaulting it again. What a mean person I am. So I decided it was time to go for another Xtreme Diet.

Moderate calorie restriction leaves me feeling uncomfortably hungry and headachy. It doesn’t matter what kind of macronutrient proportions I am on; if I restrict calories I never get through the hungriness. I’m permanently hungry with all the symptoms of unstable blood sugar and poor thyroid function, I get confused and irritable and fatigued and cold. But what about extreme calorie restriction? I had always assumed this would have the same effect or worse, but thinking back to when I first did Atkins, I employed some pretty extreme calorie restriction during the first few weeks, without even thinking about it, and I’d felt great. Could it be that I needed to get into that extreme ketosis to get past all the problems I was experiencing with moderate calorie restriction? Is it possible to stay warm, healthy, and support the thyroid whilst burning off one’s own fat?

Dr. Kwasniewski’s weight loss ratio formula works like this: Protein: 1 ; Fat: 1.5-2; Carbohydrate 0.5. For me that translates to: Protein: 56g ; Fat: 84 – 112g ; Carbohydrate: 28g ; Calories: 1092-1344. Now I know I am never going to lose weight on 28 grams of carbohydrate every day, even with calorie restriction. Been there, done that, failed: appetite out of control.

The Atkins Fat Fast is a 1,000 calorie per day diet of 90% fat, adequate protein, and virtually no carbohydrate. Dr. Atkins devised it for those with extreme metabolic resistance. I’ve never tried it before, in fact I’d almost forgotten about it and didn’t consider myself valid for it until I remembered how much trouble I have losing weight. So maybe it does apply to me after all.

So I’m going to shoot between the two: about 1,200 calories a day (below this amount supposedly may damage the thyroid), virtually no carbohydrate (no more than 20 grams per day), and adequate protein.

Here is my weight loss diary (I feel like a cross between Bridget Jones and David Blaine). Bear in mind you are reading the diary of someone who hasn’t had a physical ache or pain or the slightest thing wrong with her apart from the mild facial eczema since going on the Optimal Diet.

Vitamins taken throughout

  • 500mg L-Carnitine
  • 400i.u. Vitamin E (for eczema)
  • 25mg Vitamin B6
  • An RDA multivitamin
  • 2-4 capsules Cod Liver Oil
  • 2 capsules Evening Primrose
  • SOD (superoxide dismutase, for eczema)

Day 1 (Thursday 1st September)

Weight: 9st 5.8pounds (131.80 pounds)

Eat very few carbs. Late breakfast, don’t bother with lunch. Strange kind of hunger all afternoon. Get awful headache: caffeine and aspirin don’t work. Take L-Carnitine and five minutes later have a rush of energy and no more headache! Drink gallons of water and feel positive.

Day 2 (Friday 2nd September)

Weight: don’t know, 9st 4.8 pounds? (130.8 pounds)
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs with butter, 3floz cream
Snack: 1-2oz cheddar cheese for each snack
Lunch: ?
Tea: chops & broccoli?

Drink less water. Hunger (leptin?) catches up, carbs still very low but find myself snacking mid morning, having lunch, snacking again mid afternoon. Bowels start moving. Am not constipated like on Atkins, rather, the opposite…

Day 3 (Saturday 3rd September)

Weight: 9st 3.8pounds (129.8 pounds)
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs with butter, 3floz cream
Lunch: v. small amount of pea soup (from a cafe so don’t know what was in it), 1.5floz heavy cream in tea
Tea: stewed lamb shoulder, broccoli
Took 0.5 gram l-carnitine.

Not hungry at all. Bowels dodgy, some cramping. Very energised and clear-headed though. Not hungry at lunch so eat very little. Go down a cave on a tour! Feel very positive. Don’t drink much water. Stomach very flat today, to be expected as it is very empty!

Day 4 (Sunday 4th September)

Weight 9st 3.8pounds (129.8 pounds)
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs with butter, 3floz cream, 1/2 oatcake with Philadelphia spread
Tea: stewed lamb shoulder, cabbage, carrots. 1floz cream with 1tbsp honey. 5 grams of green & black’s chocolate
1 gram l-carnitine.

Start taking b6 again for first time since fast started, as I wonder if the terrible aches are associated with not taking it.

Feel sick in the night. Stomach cramps and dodgy bowels (l-carnitine can do this as well as ketones). Feel sick in the morning. Have to force-feed myself breakfast. Have half an oatcake because my blood sugar is low: throat constriction, weakness. Feel blurry. Thyroid is rebelling as I have cold hands and feet. Eczema is very good, not at all red. Skin not secreting so much sebum, don’t have to wash my face. Shoulder and neck pain, quite clicky. Drink two pints of water, take gram of l-carnitine and 25mg b6. Go and sit in sunshine. Takes about 10 to 15 mins and my hands and feet are warm! Shoulder pain gets slightly better. Drink water with lo-salt for potassium. [Later] Sat in sun all day, didn’t feel too bad just achy like I had the flu. Didn’t eat lunch as not hungry. Got worse at tea time, just wasn’t hungry and had to force-feed myself again. could barely chew food and didn’t finish. Resorted to drinking a cup of watered down cream mixed with a tbsp of honey in the hopes it would stimulate appetite. I have all the symptoms of my teenage fibromyalgia! This is totally about calories and the thyroid! Eczema is not at all red now. Feel slimmer.

Day 5 (Monday 5th September)

Weight 9st 3 pounds (129.0 pounds)
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch: 1/2 oatcake with Philadelphia spread, 1 chicken wing, 2floz cream in tea
Snack: 10gram cheese
Tea: coconut chicken Thai curry, courgettes
1 gram l-carnitine

Terrible diarrhoea in the night. Ugh. Honey did nothing for my appetite. Am I actually suffering from the flu, or going through some horrendous detox? Could it be Candida die-off even, though I’ve never had symptoms?* Am not entirely convinced by all of that stuff. Could it even be b6/progesterone deficiency related? Eczema looks great. One eye is fine, the other barely has anything under it, chin not red and bumps are fading. Itches after lunch and goes red.** Damnit! Not cold today though. Almost have a headache, slight ear pain, but no flu-aches. Much more energised instead of weak like yesterday. Tender belly. My teeth hurt. Feel slimmer. J says I look slimmer. Bit of weakness before tea but generally not too bad. More diarrhoea, not good. Realised it’s the l-carnitine! Doh! Cutting back tomorrow. Took 1 gram of calcium to control diarrhoea, it worked immediately.

Day 6 (Tuesday 6th September)

Weight: 9st 1.4 pounds! (127.4 pounds) Fair bit of water loss there…
Body Fat: 28.8 ? = 36.6912 fat pounds.
Evening Weight: 9st 3 pounds, (129.0 pounds)
Evening Body Fat: 27.2 = 35.088 fat pounds.
Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg and coffee with 1.5/2 floz cream, 1/2 oatcake
Lunch: 2oz cream cheese, 1/2 oatcake, 1oz Parma ham, few olives
Tea: small chicken thigh, 1oz Parma ham, 1oz cream cheese 1/2 oatcake, few olives & pickled pepper
Night Time Snack: small piece of cheese
No l-carnitine
1 gram vitamin C

Took 350mg calcium. Still have cramps but much less so. Feeling bright and chirpy and energetic today. Actually experiencing hunger. Might be the calcium, might be the carbs or the lack of l-carnitine, or might just be the leptin levels plummeting. Should have had 2 eggs for breakfast after all! Went to Sheffield. No more cramps from about 10am. Had lunch in the park, very hot weather. Felt ok all day though slightly hungry. Got aching shoulders in the evening. Eczema still looking good!

Day 7 (Wednesday 7th September)
Weight: 9st 2.6 pounds, (128.6 pounds)
Body Fat: 28.8 = 37.0368
Evening Weight: 9st 3.8 pounds, (129.8 pounds)
Evening Body Fat: 25.6 (after drinking quite a bit of water) = 33.2288 fat pounds
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and a bit of butter, espresso
Lunch: 1oz cheese, 1/2 oatcake with cream cheese
Snack: 1oz cheese
Tea: 3 meatballs in passata, with onions, lots of olive oil, courgettes, 1 small coffee bean and a piece of chocolate
500mg l-carnitine
1 gram vitamin C
350mg calcium

Regained the water weight I was expecting to from the diarrhoea. Felt great all day, was on feet most of day too, lots of energy. Cleaned kitchen, did errands, went to farm shop. Even filled in pesky forms that have been hanging around for ages! Broke a nail though, indicator of mineral imbalance. Eczema looks great!

Day 8 (Thursday 8th September)

Weight: 9st 2.4 pounds, (128.4 pounds)
Body Fat: 28.5 = 36.594 fat pounds
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, decaf with 1-2floz cream
Brunch: espresso with 1floz single cream
Lunch: 100g mascarpone, 50g Serrano ham, 1/2 oatcake
Snack: 15g cheddar cheese
Tea: meatballs and courgettes, chocolate coffee bean, 10g chocolate
175mg calcium
No vitamin C

Feel pretty damn good. Loads of energy, pretty clear-headed. Eczema not as good as yesterday though. Strange sensitive patch in side of mouth like I’ve bitten it. Used to have weird ailments like this all the time before going on Atkins. Feel great all day though! But hungry too. Quite a few calories today. Did stop taking vitamin C, which might explain it. Yikes, had my first tachycardia episode in months.

Day 9 (Friday 9th September)

Weight: 9st 2.6 pounds, (128.6 pounds)
Body Fat: 27.8 = 35.7508 fat pounds
Evening Weight: 9st 2.8 pounds, (128.8 pounds)
Body Fat: 27.9 = 35.9352 fat pounds
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 20g butter, 2floz cream in caffeinated coffee
Lunch: none
Snack: 1.5oz dressed crab (!)
Tea: 4oz lamb chop, 2oz spinach, 1oz corn on cob, chocolate coffee bean, 10g chocolate
Snack: 1oz cream cheese on 1/2 oatcake, cup of tea
Took aspirin

One of those days where scales stay the same but the body fat seems to go down. Ate quite a lot yesterday anyway so to be expected. New eczema bumps around my eye. This continues to confirm my theory that excess protein is the cause of the problem, as I ate about 75 grams yesterday.*** I think it’s autoimmune, and I think the culprit is histidine. The fact that I also had a missed heart beat on the same day after months without implies the same cause. Feel very bright, positive, and energetic. I think I’m recapturing those first two weeks on Atkins! Realised that until about 3 days ago the caffeine and aspirin I was consuming all the time meant I was almost doing the ECA stack! Aspirin works by inhibiting certain prostaglandins; fish oil has the same effect. Inflammation causes weight gain. Wonder if the autoimmune inflammation of my eczema has caused me to gain weight? May consider doing a carb refeeding if not lost significant weight tomorrow.

Day 10 (Saturday 10th September)

Weight: 9st 1.6 pounds, (127.6 pounds)
Body Fat: 28.9 = 36.8764 fat pounds
Evening Weight: 9st 2.2 pounds, (128.2 pounds)
Body Fat: 28.6% = 36.1524 fat pounds
Took vitamin C
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 15g butter
Lunch: 4oz cream, coffee, 1/4 avocado, 1/4 red pepper, 1/2 tomato, 2oz goat cheese
Snack: 10g cheese
Tea: prawn curry: 2 small onions, 12 prawns, spinach, 1oz brown rice, decaf coffee, 1 coffee bean, 5g chocolate

Didn’t know it was possible to feel so good eating so little. Rather too alert though, may act like a startled herbivore and bolt at any second. Had weird symptom last night that I haven’t had for ages: weakness and muscle pain in my left arm and tingling like my circulation was being cut off slightly. I used to get this all the time when I was on warfarin. My ring finger still tingling in the evening. Thought I over-ate today not due to hunger but due to going out for lunch and then J. cooking a curry. Felt fatigued in the afternoon. I actually feel better when I eat less! I think there’s something weird going on here. The act of eating in itself flares up my eczema. Maybe I should stick to two meals a day? Checked my calories and they’re not really that high. Feel so full. I don’t get it: possibly because I managed 32 carbs.****

Day 11 (Sunday 11th September)

Weight: 9st 1 pounds, (127 pounds)
Body Fat: 28.7 = 36.449 fat pounds
Vitamin C
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 15g butter, 2oz cream in coffee
Lunch: lettuce, 1/3 avocado, 1 tomato, 1oz liver pate
Tea: 4oz pork belly, 1/3 apple (sauce), 1oz squash, spinach
Snack: 1/2 oatcake with cream cheese

Decorating bathroom all day. Not hungry. Think big breakfast definitely makes a difference. Today’s weird symptoms: trapped nerve down left side of neck, and itchy bum cheeks whenever I sit down. Carb-craved from 8pm onwards. Had to snack as got very hungry. Also went cold this evening. Starvation mode? Thyroid slowing down? Body probably not happy about being so active and not eating much. Eczema not so good.

Day 12 (Monday 12th September)

Weight: 9st 1.4 pounds, (127.4 pounds)
Body Fat: 27.7 = 35.2898 fat pounds
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 15g butter, 2oz cream in coffee
Lunch: 1oz Parma ham & chorizo, 7 olives, 1/6 pepper, 1/2 oatcake, 1oz cream cheese
Snack: 1/2 oz chorizo
Tea: 100g passata, 1 carrot, 1/4 pepper, 1/2 onion, 6oz belly pork
Snack: 1oz cream cheese, 2oz cream in coffee
No vitamin B6 today
Took vitamin C

Eczema downright awful.***** Not discouraged by slight gain as body fat is still reducing. The great thing about keeping a record of what you eat and plotting your weight day by day inFitday is that you can see the overall trend. The carb craving I experienced last night means I dropped out of ketosis from eating too many carbs the day before, but I’m climbing back on the wagon straight away. Notice the correlation between eczema and dropping out of ketosis? J thinks it might have something to do with tomatoes too (nightshades), wish I could figure out which foods I was allergic to but repeated attempts at elimination diets have not yet yielded results.

About fat fasting:
“British researchers Alan Kekwick and Gaston Pawan developed it, and Frederick Benoit and his team confirmed its superiority in burning off fat, compared to an absolute total fast.”

I should expect to lose an average of 3.7 pounds per week. Fitday says I am losing 4.4 pounds, though obviously this is accelerated at the start of the diet due to glycogen and water weight. I’ve only lost a couple of pounds in the last seven days, but that’s still on target. You can’t expect to lose more than 2 pounds a week on any diet: I’m convinced my body doesn’t calorie-waste anymore on a low-carb diet anyway! The great thing is the alertness I feel and the ability to control my hunger: I would never be able to do this on a high-carb low-fat diet.

Felt pretty blurry for most of the morning due to taking magnesium? And lack of B6? Carb cravings and coldness again this evening, resorted to a lot of cream. Ate over 2,000 calories and still hungry. Should I do a refeed?

Day 13 (Tuesday 13th September)

Weight: 9st 1.8 pounds, (127.8 pounds)
Body Fat: 28.2 = 36.0396 fat pounds
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 20g butter, espresso
Lunch: 100g crème fraiche
Snack: 3 slices chorizo
Tea: Parma ham, ball of melon, 2oz breaded Camembert, dab of redcurrant jelly, salad, 1oz broccoli, 1oz carrot, 4oz duck breast, 2oz cabbage, coffee with 2oz single cream, 1oz chocolate.
Took vitamin B6
No vitamin C
2 aspirin

Definitely out of ketosis. Face is a mess, possibly from me using calamine lotion on it: zinc has affected me negatively before, just causes awful flaking, which I then stupidly had to scrub off! Determined to get back into ketosis today, but going out tonight as it’s our anniversary.

Day 14 (Wednesday 14th September)

Weight: unknown
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 20g butter, espresso
Lunch: 7 olives stuffed with garlic, 30g Parma ham & chorizo, 100g crème fraiche
Tea: can’t remember?
Took vitamin B6
No vitamin C
2 aspirin

Eczema much less inflamed though horrid and dry. Have been using hydrocortisone for the last few days, may be making it worse by making it peel in the same way as the calamine. Who knows? I’m going to try to eliminate nightshades too.

Day 15 (Thursday 15th September)

Weight: 9st 0.8 pounds, (126.8 pounds)
Body Fat: 25.5 = 32.334 fat pounds

No pain today.

Day 16 (Friday 16th September)

Weight: 9st 0.2 pounds,
Body Fat: 27.9 = 35.2098 fat pounds (126.2 pounds)

Day 17 (Saturday 16th September)

Weight: 9st 0.6 pounds,
Body Fat: 27.7 = 35.0682 fat pounds (126.6 pounds)

Day 18 (Sunday 18th September)

Weight: 9st 0.6 pounds, (126.6 pounds)
Body Fat: 27.6 = 34.9416 fat pounds

Day 19 (Monday 19th September)

Weight: 9st 0.8 pounds,
Body Fat: 27.8 = 35.2504 fat pounds (126.8 pounds)

Day 20 (Tuesday 20th September)

Weight: 9st 0.8 pounds,
Body Fat: 27.3 = 34.6164 fat pounds (126.8 pounds)

Feeling pretty good for the last few days though something going on with my chest yesterday – either breathing (asthma) or heartbeat, I couldn’t figure out. We have been in front of a coal fire all weekend though which can’t be helping. Have eaten more calories and carbs than I intended the last few days as I’ve been more hungry. Worried about this painfully slow plateau when I’m still eating so little.

One week later

Day 29 (Thursday 29th September)

My eczema has been so good over the last couple of weeks that I have been able to pinpoint definite, almost immediate reactions to what I have been eating. Before I was just red all of the time, now I’m not. Itching and redness sometimes do not occur at all after a meal, and other times they do. I can state with absolute 100% certainty that I have an awful reaction after eating steak. I have a pretty bad reaction after eating cheddar cheese. I have a mild reaction after eating cream cheese and cream. I seem to be okay with butter. If a meal does not contain any of these elements, I don’t react at all. In all my experiments and elimination diets I never considered doing something as stupidly obvious as cutting out beef AND dairy at the same time. My brain just didn’t connect the idea that COW PROTEIN might be the allergen involved. From all I’ve read, beef allergy is pretty rare.******

I’ve avoided cheese and beef for a few days now (not even a week). I’ve still been having cream or cream cheese but I’ve limited it to once a day at breakfast. It’s been very difficult to stick to Optimal Nutrition without the aide of cream but I’ve managed it (I’ve been eating a lot of pork dripping and pork brawn).

I’ve noticed that on days when I drank a lot of cream I had worse eczema. I’ve noticed definite flare ups after cream that I didn’t notice before.******* This is gutting. I’ve never had a problem with dairy before and I love dairy foods. How come my eczema cleared up a couple of years ago when I still ate dairy or beef almost every day? I thrived on dairy for most of my teenaged years – I thank goodness I drank so much whole milk when I was a vegetarian, or I might have been sicker than I was. On the other hand, I am not at all bothered about cutting out beef. I’ve never particularly liked beef. We don’t eat it more than once a week and I’ve always eaten it with a mild feeling of dread because I’ve always known that whilst too much of any meat causes inflammation (due to it containing some inflammatory compounds and histidine), beef always seemed to cause a worse reaction. I always feel terribly hungry after eating beef. I have a theory now that a beef allergy may be causing mild pancreatitis, because the “hunger” I experience after eating it can be accompanied by slight discomfort and burping.

The result after one week? My eczema is better than it has been in months. It’s almost invisible at some times during the day. I think I must have found the answer or a big part of the answer and I’m looking forward to getting better. I just have to be more inventive with my breakfast now! Watching the patches fade day by day is so fantastic, it’s better than watching the pounds drop off. My weight loss seems to have accelerated too! I’m wondering how much food allergy had to do with me gaining weight in the first place. I used to eat cheese every day, at least twice a day.

Date Unknown

After experiencing several plateaus on a ridiculously small amount of calories, I’ve settled into a bit of a strange routine but one that works for me:

I don’t eat any carb foods at all throughout the day apart from incidental ones in cream. I eat carbs only at one meal in the evening as it is easier to quantify and control, and prevents unnecessary insulin spikes. I have a pretty big breakfast of at least 50g of fat and about 10-15g protein (eggs and cream, or chicken/coconut soup).

Day 1: Moderate carbing up. Eat about thirty grams of carbs as higher GI foods with a meal in the evening, though overall eat less fat than normal but adequate protein (a 1:1 or 1:1.5 ratio of protein:fat), so calories are not excessive. (Carbs: carrots, parsnips, apple, banana, but avoid bread at all costs).

Day 2: Morning weight will be the same as the previous day but some fat loss may have occurred. Occasionally water-weight will increase overall weight. Don’t worry about it. Pig out on anything except carbs. Eat three meals, snack if I need to. Stick to ten carbs at tea time. Experience possible carb cravings if the difference is too great between Day 1 and Day 2 carb quantities. By evening, my thyroid will rebel and my body will go cold. Eat a fatty snack to warm up again. Get through it.

Day 3: Morning weight will be slightly lighter than the day before by a fraction of a pound. Appetite should be nil. Think “Fat Fast” again. Have breakfast. If not hungry, don’t bother with lunch. Eat no more than 10 carbs at tea time.

Day 4: Massive weight drop of half a pound or a pound. Eat as previous day, skipping lunch if not hungry, eating it if hungry.

Continue for one or two more days until weight stalls or thyroid starts to rebel again. Then begin the cycle again by carbing up.

The idea is to keep forcibly stimulating the thyroid with carbs and calories every few days after your glycogen runs out and your thyroid rebels. Carbs on Day 1, fat calories on Day 2. I don’t know whether this particular routine works for me alone, or whether it would work for everyone. All I know is it works for me and it has stopped the plateau I was getting into. It is based vaguely on the “Anabolic Diet” used successfully by many bodybuilders, and the advice from Dr. Atkins first book where he suggests carbing-up to kick-start weight loss again (he dropped this from the later book due to recidivism). I do need a bit of self-control to cope with the cravings on Day 2, but seeing the results on the scale is motivation enough for me.


I took a couple of weeks “holiday” from the fat-fast during October, and finally stopped fat-fasting altogether on the 31st October when I briefly brushed 8 stone 9 pounds. I have been at 8 stone 10 pounds ever since, and am planning to start another fat-fast some time early in 2006. Total weight lost: ten pounds in two months, including two weeks holiday. Not bad for someone who can’t lose weight.

Notes from October 2007

* Hahahaha it’s really funny reading something like this now I know better.

** I ate some cheese at lunch time, that’s why my eczema went red.

*** Actually, had I known about food chemicals, I would have been able to trace the eczema really easily to eating aminey foods and taking aspirin.

**** Poor me, I had no idea that aspirin had put me on a happy-high or that all of these weird aches and pains were related to taking it.

***** My eczema is awful because I’ve been taking aspirin for four days in a row and I’d eaten a load of tomatoes the day before. I blamed it on dropping out of ketosis!

****** Beef allergy is indeed extremely rare – because I was reacting to beef and cheese, I assumed I had an allergy to cow protein. It would be around another six months before I realised I was reacting to amines and glutamates.

******* I really WAS reacting to cream, but I have no clear idea why – just that I stopped reacting to it when I went on failsafe. I wondered whether it might be due to the amount of arachidonic acid in it, or whether I have an opioid issue that was affecting me much worse by interacting with other food chemicals.


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