Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

An Unfortunate and Lengthy Adventure in Misdiagnosis

Shrove Tuesday

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Foods eaten: Eggs, Butter, Jersey cow milk, Pear, Double cream, White bread roll, Pork chop, Swede, Leeks, Pancakes, Golden syrup.
Kcals: 2,516, Protein: 86g, Fat: 189g, Carbs: 113g.

Eczema is virtually non-existent, I think it will be completely gone in another 1-2 days, the skin is healing up quite quickly. The permanently swollen gland below my right ear was very small yesterday but is a bit worse today, though I did sleep on my ear all night. Today’s weird symptom: seem to be very itchy and have a rash on my collarbone. Could this be detox or could it be carbs=inflammation? Or could I still be cheating? I shouldn’t have eaten pork chop today. I don’t seem to have gained any weight from all this excess, still 8 stone 9 pounds this morning. I feel very full yet have a strange generalised craving to eat. It is wonderful to be able to drink milk and cream and use butter again.

My eczema is not flaring up after meals at all. The interaction between foods is so strange. I noticed absolute, definite connections between eating beef, cheese, butter, cream, lamb and pork, and eczema flare-ups after meals. I thought this must be the arachidonic acid in the animal fat providing extra “fuel” for the fire. Arachidonic acid helps you make a variety of inflammatory or anti-inflammatory prostaglandins depending on whether your body needs them. But I suppose it must be amines!

Today I had tons of milk, cream and butter for lunch and my eczema has never looked better, because there are less salicylates in my system, and they are the root cause. There I was worrying about red meat and allergies to animal products, depriving myself of good food and all the time it was plant poisons and rotten stuff!

I have just been looking back through my fat-fast diary and I am astonished at the correlation between eating high-salicylate and spicy/tomato foods, aspirin, and eczema inflammation the following day. The day I take aspirin my eczema looks better than normal, but the day after it is much worse! The reason the eczema was so good at the start of the fat-fast was because I was eating very low salicylate foods: having an oatcake instead of a salad or some vegetables. Then when all the weight-loss-pain symptoms kicked in I started taking the aspirin to deal with it, and after a short while I realised it might be helping the weight loss because I was almost doing the ECA stack, so I kept taking it and the eczema got even worse! I also ate much fewer vegetables over the summer while I was doing a fat heavy diet, but I was still getting quite a few salicylates from berries. But I was handling them better? There was something about the high fat diet that enabled my body to cope. I still think it was animal fat related.

Today being Shrove Tuesday I went to get some golden syrup from the supermarket. The supermarket was full of confused people looking for pancake ingredients in the baking section and not finding them. There was a very, very angry young mother and a little girl throwing a tantrum because she desperately wanted tomato sauce. I’ve always vaguely blamed this kind of “naughty/confrontational” behaviour on food additives, bread and sugar, but now I understand food intolerance, I’m starting to see it all around me and truly understand the mechanisms at work. I did my own informal survey of UK supermarket breads and found that every brand in the store except one (part-baked white rolls made in France) contained E282, calcium propionate, which has been identified as a cause of ADD/ADHD. Some that contained this ingredient even had the audacity to declare themselves as being fortified with extra calcium! Pretty much all of them (white and brown) also contained hydrogenated vegetable oils and soya flour. They say two thirds of the commercial bread of various different brands that we eat is only produced by two different companies. According to “Not on the Label” by Felicity Lawrence, a bread factory uses 13 tonnes of fats, 12 tonnes of “chemical improvers” and 820 tonnes of flour per week. Twelve tonnes of chemical improvers compared to thirteen tonnes of fats? Fat is usually the second highest ingredient on the label of bread. If so, exactly what weight of chemicals makes up the average loaf?

I feel so sorry for that mother and daughter, because they are still going to be fighting each other in ten or twenty years time and will never really know why they are so angry. I saw the mother ranting outside the shop to her friends about how she couldn’t find a product she was looking for. I think she wanted some sort of pancake batter premix! Good grief, can’t you just mix some flour with some eggs and milk?

I think I am now a confirmed carnivore and I will never eat another salad. So much for “five a day”. “Eat plenty of colourful fruit and vegetables for vital antioxidants!” My ass. I always wondered why people living in the Mediterranean were so hot-tempered, when they ate so “well”. I feel let down by everyone – both the medical establishment and the naturopaths. All those “wonderful” vegetables Dr. Atkins tells you to eat? Rubbish. Everyone is part of the same consensus – that fruit and vegetables are good for you. That kind of advice is downright irresponsible, lethal even, for folks like me. I wonder how many people have killed themselves due to depression, or killed others through irrational anger, or have been locked up as “mentally ill”, all because of the food they were eating? The only one person I can think of who actually has the audacity to tell people that fruit and vegetables are worthless animal fodder is Dr. Jan Kwasniewski, and I just thought he was being a kook!


Written by alienrobotgirl

28 February, 2006 at 10:00 pm

Posted in Failsafe Diary

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