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"Candida" diet

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There are some alternative health treatments I find really irritating. The “candida” diet is one.

Weight gain and inability to lose weight are signs of high insulin levels and thyroid problems. Dr Atkins said that about 20 percent of people who do his diet won’t lose weight because of candida problems. I have always, unequivocally felt that the candida diet is woolly naturopath bullsh*t. I once overheard a woman in a restaurant who was doing Atkins describe how she thought she had a yeast problem and stopped eating cheese and mayonnaise and her “fat burning went through the roof.” Oh, really?

On the candida diet you are told to avoid sugars and aged products all of which allegedly contain yeasts and moulds, because candida has become “systemic” and spread throughout your body. Real candida (AKA thrush) is fuelled by high blood sugar and a weak immune system, that’s why diabetics and AIDS victims get it. In real life, candida is weak, it is an opportunistic infection that only attacks people whose immune systems are already low. I’ve also no doubt that it can spread and become systemic in some very weak people. Not healthy, fertile young women.

One silly thing about the candida diet is that reactive hypoglycaemia has the same symptoms as fake candida, and the same apparent cause: sugar. Candida is variously described as “feeding” on yeasts and moulds, or else reaction to aged products is put down to a “mild yeast allergy.” There’s a simple way to test a mild yeast allergy, and it’s to eat some yeast! If yeasts and moulds actually floated around the blood stream waiting to be eaten by candida, we’d probably all be dead by now or be taken over by giant alien fungi.

People stick religiously to the candida diet and are still fighting “candida” five or ten years later. These people often come to the diet having already tried to fight “candida” with conventional candida drugs, which actually do a very effective job. When the drugs have failed to alleviate their symptoms, instead of reassessing their diagnosis, they turn to the diet in the hopes that it will work. And it does work, sometimes, but not because it is “starving” candida.

It just so happens that the same constellation of symptoms that is described (without any proof whatsoever) as being “candida,” is the exact same constellation of symptoms the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital allergy unit regard as food chemical sensitivities. It just so happens that the candida diet cuts out a whole bunch of “aged or fermented” foods like cheese, mayonnaise, and vinegar which are high in amines, bread which contains opioids and almost always contains E282, and fruits which are high in salicylates. The candida diet is a low-carbohydrate diet, and I know for certain that my ability to resist food chemical reactions is better on a low carbohydrate diet.

So there are this section of people out there desperately doing the “candida” diet who don’t actually have candida.

Then there are another section of people who are doing the candida diet, who actually do have candida. Why would a healthy young woman need to do the candida diet for chronic candida? What’s wrong with her? Why is her immune system not working properly?

Real candida infections are very common in people with food chemical sensitivities.

Says Sue Dengate, “Several failsafers have reported that they find the Failsafe diet much easier to stick to than the candida diet and their lifelong thrush problems have cleared up.”

This is because once you remove the food chemicals, your immune system starts to normalise.

The difference is that the failsafe program works for more people, because it also cuts out vegetable salicylates, additives, and cosmetic additives. Oh, and it’s based on actual science.


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3 March, 2006 at 12:00 pm

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  1. Regarding Candida. According to Itaian reserch Candida has a genetic tolerance to copper compared to other stomach organisims.Also a hospital in England is installing copper handles and knobs to help stop spread of infections as copper kills bacteria.In theory if excess copper is ingested into the gut this could upset the balance causing candida overgroth .If excess copper from water by copper pipes.Fruit , veg,winegrapes,sprayed with copper fungercide .Even if they are washed ,overspray on soil, copper would be taken up by existing and future crops.Could this cause gastronomicle problems,leaky gut ,food allergy,food intolerances,celiac,etc.

    John Tebbutt

    25 February, 2008 at 6:50 am

  2. Hi John, I would think that extremely unlikely, since food chemical intolerances are not caused by candida, or ‘dysbiosis’.


    25 February, 2008 at 4:24 pm

  3. […] Crook indeed! I’ve posted once or twice (or more) times about that snake-oil cure, the Candida diet. I happened across an […]

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