Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

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Calcium and bone structure

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Foods eaten: Eggs, Jersey cow milk, Cream, Creme fraiche, Butter, Beef, Lentils, Swede, Potato, Leek, Cashews.
Kcals: 1752, Protein: 78g, Fat: 127g, Carbs: 57g.

Look: I’ve eaten beef for two days in a row and I don’t have eczema! I was so scared my eczema was caused by dairy and beef products, because I seemed to flare up after I ate them. But I don’t react to milk and cream now I’m on the diet. Is it amines and glutamates in the beef I was eating that cause the eczema? But it doesn’t explain the problems with milk and cream. Perhaps it was just the arachidonic acid in these foods helping me produce the inflammatory prostaglandins I needed?

A week of using Vaseline on my face has given me a spot though. I must find a substitute moisturiser. I read on one of the food chemical sensitivity sites that Clinique “Dramatically Different” moisturiser may be relatively safe. That’s good news, because I like Clinique products and I actually have some of that moisturiser! Unfortunately I don’t have the ingredients list to confirm it though. [Edit: it isn’t – it has food colours in it!].

It feels wonderful not to be hungry all the time. I haven’t felt like this for a while. I was so worried my eczema was caused by a dairy allergy that I had been avoiding a lot of nourishing foods. As a teenager I used to drink at least a pint or even two pints of milk every day. I think it’s the calcium and the Vitamin A and Activator X in the milk fat. Something I’ve noticed for a while is that calcium containing foods like milk and cheese make me feel full, but that calcium supplements make me really hungry. I think it could be Activator X.

I always tried to go for whole milk, even though my folks always bought in UHT skimmed apart from a single pint of breakfast milk each day. If only I had caught on to milk drinking as a child, but I only ever had my single small serving of free milk at school. That ran out at the age of seven when Maggie Thatcher the milk snatcher took it away. So from the age of seven until the age of around thirteen I only had milk on cereal, or sometimes drank ovaltine. Those are crucial years for jaw and facial development, which is highly dependent on calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, and Activator X. My teeth are crowded and my nose is narrow, and sometimes I can’t breathe through it. I think I’d be much more attractive now if I’d drunk enough milk during that period, and I hadn’t become a vegetarian when I was thirteen.

This is for the mothers with young children out there. You need to drink two and a half cups of whole milk per day in order to receive and absorb your RDA. You can’t absorb the calcium from skimmed milk as well as you can from whole milk because it doesn’t contain any Vitamin A or Activator X. Tablets out of a bottle won’t do either. If you want beautiful children, feed them full-fat milk and keep them off the acidic, bone-rotting soft drinks and fruit juices. Unless you want them to have ADHD.

I’ve had a slight cavity forming on the side of a back molar for about a year and a half, ever since the period in which I came back to the UK and developed eczema. Funny coincidence. It appears to be healing and is barely sensitive at the moment. I’m astonished. My teeth still feel really, really clean. Probably the Activator X in the milk. Funny how calcium tablets just didn’t work, in fact they seemed to make the cavity worse and I had to stop taking them because they made my tooth hurt so much.

I started trying to reduce calories and carbohydrates today (shouldn’t have had those lentils should I?). I’m not hungry. I can afford to drink the milk because I’m not wasting my carb-count on those damned poisonous plants anymore. On days that I don’t eat Brussels sprouts I’m trying to remember to take a little pinch of pure ascorbic acid to provide my RDA of vitamin C. No sign of bleeding gums though.


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6 March, 2006 at 4:21 pm

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  1. And when your kid can’t tolerate casein? Is there something else?I was all about Nourishing Traditions … until I realized that life with my son was a living hell because he is casein intolerant, gluten intolerant, and very very very salicylate intolerant. He’s 27 months right now and we’re just about at the end of nursing.. and he can’t drink milk. He likes soup, that I make from simmered bones and meat, with added liver and rice dumplings but is bone broth enough?I love your sites. You are doing a wonderful thing. The information here and on the fedupwithfoodadditives website has changed my family’s life now, and forever so dramatically I cannot even begin to say thank you.


    23 December, 2007 at 2:57 pm

  2. Thanks Margaret,As time goes by I am less and less interested in nutrients and more and more interested in toxins!I think our ancestors probably got calcium from chewing the soft ends of chicken bones.Stock is a questionable source of calcium unless it has been boiled for hours and hours. There are a couple of tricks for people who are dairy free.Blending the small, fine bones of fish and then creating a sauce or soup is one option.Dissolving egg shells in citric acid produces a calcium citrate drink that is apparently not unpleasant.

    Alien Robot Girl

    30 January, 2008 at 12:46 pm

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