Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

An Unfortunate and Lengthy Adventure in Misdiagnosis

Weeing vegetables and marmite

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Foods eaten: Eggs, Creme fraiche, Lentils, Butter, Jersey cow milk, cream, Pear, Chicken, Cashews, Golden syrup, Bicarb soda.
Kcals: 1944, Protein: 77g, Fat: 139g, Carbs: 85g.

Here’s another reason not to trust supermarket meat.

Well, yet again I woke up early feeling very bright and clear-headed. There have been several changes since I started failsafe, and I thought I’d run through them: early rising, clear-headed, brain working at speed, getting stuff done, enthusiasm, eczema healed, chronic ear pain when exposed to cold is much reduced, gland under ear is less swollen, less aches and pains in joints and back, less irritable, reduced anxiety, stable mood, body temperature under control.

I’ve also noticed a very curious effect. Ever since I started the diet my urine has changed from being almost clear and without smell, to being yellow, a bit misty, and smelling of, well, vegetables and marmite. This is particularly noticeable when I take the bicarb of soda and potassium. Salicylates and amines are both aromatic compounds. I guess I have been storing them up in my body, and now I’m excreting them. I can understand the vegetables, but marmite? I think “meat extract” rather than “yeast” is a more accurate description. I didn’t realise, but apparently amines and glutamates can build up in the body, just the same as salicylates.

I made the mistake of using too much shampoo on my hair in the shower today. My ears started hurting after I got out of the shower and my bad ear feels clicky and swollen, even some tinnitus. My face has now got a red patch on it too. How on earth do I get around this? I have literally nothing I can wash my hair with at the moment, bicarb soda doesn’t really work. All the hypo-allergenic products available to me have crap in them. I’m jealous of a Canadian girl I know on the messageboards, she’s able to get hold of pure glycerin shampoo. If only I could get hold of some of that. I am eagerly awaiting my pure sodium lauryl sulphate in the post.

But, in spite of this, GOOD GRIEF I’ve felt good all day. Maybe too good.


Written by alienrobotgirl

7 March, 2006 at 9:19 pm

Posted in Failsafe Diary

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