Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

An Unfortunate and Lengthy Adventure in Misdiagnosis

Drug pushers at the hospital

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Foods eaten: Eggs, Butter, Jersey cow milk, Cream, Lamb, Swede, Brussels sprouts, Greek yoghurt.
Kcals: 1798, Protein: 95g, Fat: 130g, Carbs: 61g.

Paid a visit to my mum who is in hospital having just had an operation, which probably plays a part in my mental/physical state over the last three days. Have had that post-migraine aura all day. Trying to keep the diet clean from now on. No more lentils for a start, going to try to control dairy consumption as it has started to get out of hand. Probably screwed up on amines again though. It’s a struggle as we go up to our organic farmer for meat once a week and have a habit of not freezing as much of it as we should, so the lamb I had was past its best. Also, as the hospital was quite a long drive away, I took some milk with me for a snack as I wouldn’t be able to eat anything else there. The hospital was so unbelievably hot that by the time I got around to drinking the milk it had started to sour slightly.

It’s amazing the hypocrisy of medical institutions. There is a large newsagent store in the hospital where you can buy snacks, drinks, cards and magazines. They make a very obvious point of not selling any whole milk or cream, only skimmed and semi-skimmed. It’s crazy. 4/5ths of the shop is full of junk food!!!! Crisps, chocolate (also full of “evil” saturated fat), soda pop, you name it they sell it. They seem completely unaware of just how bad sugar and additives are for the body.

My mum is on a liquid diet at the moment. She’s drinking fake fruit juice with artificial sweeteners and additives, and being fed pure “modifed maize starch”, which claims to be a “complete food” in spite of containing less than 0.05% protein or fat! Her saline drip is pure sodium chloride – no potassium or magnesium. They know she has high blood pressure! There’s something really, really disturbing about the NHS, when on the one hand they ban all salt from food, and on the other hand they feed people drips of pure sodium chloride without any potassium. My mum was completely bloated up, even her head was swollen, and it was because of the saline drip. Yet no wonder I felt so terrible when I was in hospital – I wasn’t getting enough salt from my diet to deal with the salicylates in my system. They basically acidified my body by feeding it starch and starving it of alkaline.

Then there’s the drugs. Paracetamol, cocodamol, codeine, morphine… They’ve got her on a real cocktail. They gave her some painkillers while I was there and they didn’t work – she started to complain of being in pain, and then the drugs made her throw up. Morphine, codeine, and cocodamol all do that. Morphine [aka heroin] hastens death in the very sick and decreases your chances of survival, so it disturbs me when I see it being given to anyone, let alone my mother. I never want to be given morphine as a “treatment”. I remember what drug-pushers the nurses were when I was in hospital – they tried to push paracetamol on me all the time just to keep me quiet. I wasn’t even in any pain!


Written by alienrobotgirl

9 March, 2006 at 10:00 pm

Posted in Failsafe Diary

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