Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

An Unfortunate and Lengthy Adventure in Misdiagnosis


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My internet friend Annabelle from Canada who I chat to a lot on the LCHF group has started her own blog! She is the only other person in the universe who is doing both failsafe and the optimal diet!

It is wonderful not to be alone in the universe!

Looks like she has been going through exactly the same withdrawal symptoms as me… good patches, bad patches, detox, retox, worry about breaking the diet, wondering why she feels so bad on certain days even though she’s done everything right. It’s reassuring to see someone else who is going through the same symptoms!

Neither of us knew how long the detox was going to take, and most of the literature references children, which says it only takes a few days to a couple of weeks. I read in Joan Breakey’s book that it takes at least a month for an adult, and about seven days to fully clear any one reaction.

Annabelle is trialling dairy avoidance at the moment. Something I’m worried about too – I seem to be generally okay with it, but I find it incredibly addictive (I would be a Masai and live on A2 milk if I could) and had to reduce my 2 1/2 cups of milk per day after a week or so due to tiredness, right down 1 cup per day (mixed with 1 cup of 50% fat cream), which I seem to tolerate. I am never sure about my feelings about milk, because my common sense says “neolithic foods bad”, but I’ve also had some patches of feeling really good on dairy. I think I need to unlearn a few old rules I have learned.

Annabelle’s blog drew my attention to the information on A2 milk, which I had only skimmed over. I had no idea that Jersey and Guernsey cow milk was A2 milk, and that I’ve been drinking the stuff that is tolerated better! I was just drinking it because it was tasty and fatty!

Life is tough for us failsafers:

“Wow, I’m really painting myself into a corner with all these restrictions. Soon I’ll be eating nothing but sawdust and any insects that happen to run/fly by. Now that I’m such a successful weirdo, I may soon get to graduate to locking myself into a room, wearing tissue boxes for shoes and urinating into jars.” Annabelle



Written by alienrobotgirl

25 March, 2006 at 11:58 am

Posted in Failsafe Diary

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