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I just crave those raw veggies

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One of the newsletters I get is one from a bodybuilding website (I am just curious), and is written by a guy called Tom Venuto. He isn’t a low-carber, but apart from that he usually has some sensible ‘clean’ advice to offer people who want to put on some muscle. This is a quote from the newsletter I got today, written in response to a reader (probably a supertaster) who hates eating vegetables:

You also mentioned salads. Well, there you go again – salads are a great way to get your veggies. Personally I eat a salad almost every day -usually with a bed of spinach and dark greens, and a couple times a week i make a gigantic mixed salad with all kinds of raw veggies in there.

An interesting thing about eating clean, natural foods for a while is that you start to crave them.

On the other hand, I believe there are addictive qualities to sugar, white flour, and many types of processed and refined foods, and the negative eating pattern perpetuates itself.

Did you see that movie with Russell Crowe, the Insider, where the cigarette companies were accused of using cigarettes as nothing more than a “delivery system for the HIGHLY addictive drug, nicotine?” Well, hmmmmm, I wonder what chemicals could be in our food that might be addicting us to them and causing us to lose our natural cravings for the natural food we’re supposed to be eating?

Junk food for thought huh?

When you begin to wean yourself off the junk, and onto natural food, you may be surprised how your tastes begin to change.

I used to hate veggies too, but I swear, I CRAVE those big giant raw veggie salads every week. – Tom Venuto at &

In answer to Tom’s rhetorical question about what causes addiction to junk food:

  • Artificial colours
  • Artificial flavourings
  • MSG and hydrolysed vegetable protein
  • Nasty antioxidants like BHT & BHA
  • Calcium propionate in bread
  • Benzoates in soft drinks
  • Caffeine and related vaso-active substances
  • Aspartame and sucralose in diet drinks/foods
  • Amines in chocolate
  • Salicylates in mint and menthol products

I challenge anyone who reads this to find a successful brand of junk food that doesn’t contain one of the above. It’s really ironic that I’ve been avoiding all junk food for the last couple of years because I had noticed what it does to me, yet there I was addicted to cheese, ‘good quality’ chocolate, Parma ham, dates, pistachios, and didn’t think a meal was complete if it didn’t contain something green.

“I swear, I CRAVE those big giant raw veggie salads every week” Ha ha ha ha. Of course you do Tom, so did I when I tried to come down off them, that’s because they contain addictive chemicals too. And you’re so clean-living I’ll bet you don’t even take aspirin, do you?


Written by alienrobotgirl

30 March, 2006 at 9:08 pm

2 Responses

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  1. I still crave cabbage, even though it’s failsafe. Especially raw in a coleslaw. I wonder if there’s something else in there that is causing that, other than salicylates. The coleslaw can be explained by the vinegar-dressing, which is high in amines (I never eat it raw for that reason). Also, raw cabbage is high in goitrogens, so maybe that’s the culprit. I don’t really ever crave Brussels sprouts or Swede, but I do enjoy them. I still occasionally struggle with small veg cravings – especially tomato and green veg. My biggest cravings are for starchy carbs, though. Probably because I know a lot of them are failsafe and I could have them if I wasn’t on the low-carb diet.Annabelle

    Mother Nuture

    31 March, 2006 at 7:39 pm

  2. […] up the fruit and the sugar! Then see how many calories you can handle! This guy rates alongside Mr “I just crave those raw veggies” for the “IF ONLY YOU REALLY KNEW WHY” award. « Atkins succeeds where GI […]

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