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Calcium magnesium balance and epsom salts

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I’m a bit behind on my record of what I’ve eaten. No big deal. I’ve had a couple of transgressions in the last couple of days (cranberry juice one day, half a mango the next). Joan Breakey allows mango in her initial trial diet, but says you should cut it out if you’re extra food sensitive. Today I feel a bit tired, but better after resorting to the bicarb. I’ve also been eating a few red potatoes here and there, which aren’t as clean as white.

I learned a valuable lesson the other day. I’ve been all twitchy and haven’t been eating recently. I have a history of panic attacks late at night. They happen during times of extreme stress or anxiety. There are some things that trigger them. Hypoglycaemia, drinking, caffeine, amines/glutamates etc. If I feel suffocated or I am not getting enough oxygen, it usually leads to panic. They’re also triggered by mineral imbalances. I remember being in a complete state on a couple of previous occasions after either supplementing with magnesium, or suffering mineral loss during the flu. One of my rules was: don’t supplement with calcium or magnesium in isolation because it does bad things. In fact, before I knew about food chemicals, I worked out a connection between feeling downright awful and taking a bath in bath salts or dead sea salts, and I stopped doing it altogether.

Why do I always forget the important stuff? It’s taken me almost a week to catch on to the fact that I’ve been having palpitations, anxiety and twitching ever since I started taking epsom salts and increasing methyl donors last Friday!

I gave my epileptic friend some epsom salts and methylation supplements and then he complained of having a tight chest, pounding heart, and “feeling twitchy,” which really made me freak out. When I eventually realised the connection, I took a hefty dose of calcium, and within an hour my pounding heart had gone away and I got to sleep really easily. It’s funny, because so far every time one of these attacks has occurred, my final resort has been a glass of warm milk, which has worked every time.

Epsom salts (MgSO4) are about 16.6% magnesium and the rest is the sulphate (SO4) molecule, which is only different from sulphite (SO3) by one oxygen atom. I was supplementing by about half a teaspoon a day. The body contains a total of around 25 grams of magnesium. The RDA for magnesium is about 320mg, and I was probably getting more. I suspect epsom salts also contain sulphites as well as sulphate, and sulphites usually give me asthma. I think I have probably thrown my blood-mineral balance out of whack.

When you throw out the mineral balance of your blood, your body compensates by leaching minerals from your bone. Calcium is leached, but this takes time. One clue to a mineral imbalance is painful teeth or a sign of new decay. I have a tiny cavity in one of my back teeth that I’ve been fighting with my high-dairy diet – it goes through bouts of getting better and worse. During the last week, I’ve noticed that it’s started to hurt again.

Calcium and magnesium are regulators and are required in the correct ratios of 2:1 calcium:magnesium. Above around 350mg people can start to experience the effects of excess magnesium, which include relaxation, hypothyroidism, slowing down of the body’s systems, shallow, slow breathing, lethargy, and a weird sleepy/alert state.

I haven’t been supplementing any calcium. I’ve found that I can’t supplement calcium for any length of time because soon enough it starts to hurt the site of my former DVT, and the symptoms are calf swelling and venous pain all up my leg. Calcium is involved in the clotting process. I’m actually perfectly fine even getting my RDA from milk, it seems to be supplementation in isolation from some essential factor (not vitamin A or D but perhaps the Price factor or another factor, maybe vitamin K*) that causes this.

On top of this I haven’t been eating properly as I’ve been very stressed about my epileptic friend. When you don’t eat properly, you increase your GABA levels. GABA is not inflammatory, but it is an amine and one of its effects is to depress respiration and cause shallow breathing, sometimes dangerously so. In large doses it causes anxiety, drowsiness and tingling in the extremities. It is also involved in the production of stomach acid.

I’ve experienced a loss of appetite, without the benefits of any weight loss. I’ve experienced drowsiness and have napped a few times in the day to catch up on what has been missed at night. I’ve experienced some very shallow breathing and feeling like I can’t get enough oxygen. Shallow breathing leads to a lack of oxygen, at which point the body starts to crank up the adrenalin and go into panic mode. Hypnic jerks occur when the body misinterprets extreme relaxation for falling or impending mortality and tries to right itself. No wonder I couldn’t sleep, I was anxious enough in the first place!

Speaking of my epileptic friend, he seems to be doing quite well so far.

* LOL. I wrote this a year before WAPF published their hypothesis that vitamin K is activator X.


Written by alienrobotgirl

15 April, 2006 at 2:05 pm

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