Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

An Unfortunate and Lengthy Adventure in Misdiagnosis

Lanolin might work

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Messageboards are so bad for me. I have to stop reading them and posting replies.

I finally had a “Fed Up” book arrive the other day. At last. They’re like gold dust. Or rocking horse droppings. Amazon decided they couldn’t get them after all. I’ve had to order a couple second hand direct from Australia.

Yep, decaf coffee bothers me. I had some more yesterday and before I’d even finished it the inside of my nose was inflamed. Thanks to Annabelle I now know why – apparently my fine organic swiss water decaf filter coffee has more salicylates than the harsh chemically decaffeinated instant stuff. No more coffee for me. I’m now limited to warm milk when I want something hot. I can see myself in Nonna’s now: could I have a latte without the coffee in it?

I read a bit of hearsay in Karen DeFelice’s book that TMG might actually make autism worse. This fits the theory that overdosing one part of the cycle can cause a block in another part. In this case (potentially) the methyl donors remethylating homocysteine and the presence of glycine dragging cysteine into glutathione formation, could cause a lack of sulphate to be available for use in phenol detoxification. It’s a very tricky balance. Depending on one’s symptoms and one’s particular reactions, this could be a make or break situation with the supplements.

I’ve got to clean up my diet before I can continue with the vitamin experiments. I’ve transgressed every day since my partner got back from India. I was irritable yesterday and the day before. I’ve been running on about 60-70% most days. I haven’t had any really bad days, but my head is full of “noise” at the moment.

I’m stopping all the vitamins as of tomorrow until I clean things up. I still have to get my supplements right, but I can’t do it while I’m still reacting to foods and smells. My face hasn’t been so great the last week or two, but I can’t separate that from all the transgressions. Probably everyone needs different amounts of different supplements, and I’ve been getting very big doses of B12 and B6 because I can’t get them smaller!

Vaseline: I have been using this in tiny amounts on my face because someone mentioned it on the Fed Up site as a lip moisturiser. However I’m unhappy with the smell (strong, unpleasant) and the potential chemistry of it. As a mineral oil it may contain benzenes. I think I am going to swap over to pure glycerin. I’m also going to get hold of some pure lanolin from Soap Kitchen and try that. When I was in France I used to use olive oil on my face. I suppose butter is also an option. Before moisturisers were invented, people used to use goose grease. Theoretically the oils of low salicylate plants should work. Wheatgerm oil? Mango butter?


Written by alienrobotgirl

18 April, 2006 at 10:26 am

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  1. Mango butter is fabulous, tho I like shea butter better for the texture. It doesn’t melt as easily if I leave it in my purse either. vaseline is a petro-chemical which can cause all kinds of problems when absorbed into the blood stream. Makes me oh, so tired! I check all my lip balm etc. for that stuff. I, too, have used olive oil, and it is a great hair conditioner, but a bit pricey where I am. I love how my hands feel after kneading bread with lots of olive oil!


    31 March, 2007 at 4:54 am

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