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Folate not good for amine responders

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My eczema has been worsening ever since I started the supplements a couple of weeks ago. When I started them, my skin was completely clear. Now it is the worst mess it’s been in a long time. Why? Admittedly, I’ve had the occasional off-diet food, but a couple of weeks is long enough to determine that it’s actually the vitamins I’m taking that are causing the problem.

Folate seems to have some sort of excitatory amine-like effect on me. My face is red. Even 200-400mcg – the RDA – seems to be too high. I’ve experimented further by increasing folate intake, and yes, it makes my face more inflamed.

This makes things difficult. Folate is important for methylation. Folate methylates vitamin B12. Methylcobalamin makes me feel very good.

Will TMG work instead by bypassing the whole system? Might methylcobalamin work by itself? Folate is required to methylate B12. So methylcobalamin does not require folate. More facts:

  • If B12 is deficient methylation is impaired and folate is partially trapped (methyl-folate trap) causing megaloblastic anaemia.
  • B12 deficiency with high folate intake causes nervous system damage rather than anaemia, because the effects of the deficiency are “masked” or altered by the presence of folate.

I think one of the reasons that the formula worked better before but is making me worse now is that I’ve deliberately excluded vitamin C. It seems almost as though the vitamin C was “masking” some of the adverse effects of the folate.

So I’m now going to do some experiments in excluding folate and taking methylcobalamin to see what happens. I don’t know whether this will work or not. I fear not.

I fear I may be stuck in a trap of needing methylators to get over post-food chemical brain-fog reactions, then the same methylators then giving me amine/glutamate-like reactions when I keep taking them.


Written by alienrobotgirl

3 May, 2006 at 10:47 am

Posted in Methyl Donors

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