Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

An Unfortunate and Lengthy Adventure in Misdiagnosis

A review of recent observations

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I’ve noticed a few things recently, like:

  • I’ve had definite reactions to pork (including colourful nightmares), which I thought I was okay with before.
  • I’ve been slipping up on salicylates. I don’t react to amines nearly as badly as long as I avoid salicylates. If I have salicylates in my system, I react to almost everything.
  • I seem to have skin reactions to sulphates as well as sulphites, in fact, anything sulphurous including MSM. I also have breathing reactions: sulphites are a main trigger for asthma, but it seems that any kind of sulphur causes me strange breathing symptoms.
  • Most of the vitamins required for the correction of the methylation cycle also happen to increase serotonin, dopamine, and histamine.
  • I react to one cup of green tea with violent arthritis pains in my knees and ankles, and back pain and worsened skin, plus increased hypnic jerks.
  • I react to five stalks of asparagus with back pain and worsened skin.
  • I seem to be okay on lecithin (choline, inositol), but I can’t say yet.
  • I may not be able to handle grains every day (body eczema), but that doesn’t mean I can’t eat it a couple of times a week.
  • I seem to do better if I keep my dairy down to three or less servings per day.

It seems like it’s not worth even bothering with the full food trials. I’m incredibly sensitive to anything not on the positive list. I’ll try a few more of the low-salicylate foods before I give up completely.

I’m just going to take methylcobalamin for my CNS symptoms and that’s about it. Everything else I’ve been trying makes my skin symptoms worse. I think even methylcobalamin may not be safe. This is a perfect catch 22.

As for my eczema, I’ve never quite understood it. My instinct has always been that it’s dermatitis and there is a bacteria/yeast/fungus involved, but not one single anti-bacterial/yeast/fungus cream has ever worked on my skin, and clearly I’ve demonstrated that the skin heals if I stay off the food chemicals. But it’s a really frustrating wait for it to heal itself after I have a flare-up. When I stay failsafe, I stop producing an excess of sebum and that might be the determining factor.


Written by alienrobotgirl

7 May, 2006 at 4:30 pm

Posted in Failsafe Diary

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