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The assault on meat

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A comment by a priggish vegetarian on Radio 4 a few weeks ago:

Smoking at the moment nobody likes, meat eating will be the next thing.

What this gentleman was saying is that meat eating will eventually be banned in the same way that smoking has been banned. Smoking was banned from public places in the UK less than six months ago for ‘health reasons’, in spite of the fact that when you actually get down and dirty with the passive smoking statistics, they account for all of a whopping two hundred deaths per year.

Let’s ban driving instead, for ‘health reasons’. That might actually be justified. The truth is, this is more about looking for a scapegoat than actual science.

Perhaps when I was sixteen I would have thought the idea of banning meat eating was a wonderful, progressive thing, but then the average sixteen year old vegetarian would make a good fascist dictator, and really wouldn’t give a shit if half the country died of malnutrition (because “animals are nicer than human beings and they deserve to live”). Yeah, sure, ever heard of the saying “never smile at a crocodile”?

The fact is, humans who put the welfare of animals before the welfare of other human beings are sick. Yes, *shock* I’m placing a value judgement. They’re sick, and they need treatment. Frequently they are sick because they have clinical vitamin B12 deficiency due to being vegan for a long time. B12 is essential to the central nervous system, and a B12 deficiency leads to all kinds of messy problems with neurotransmitters. The average vegan lasts two years before they run out of B12 stores. Some vegans, such as those living on communes and fertilising their soil with their own shit and not being too fussy about washing their vegetables, can last as much as twenty years before developing B12 deficiency. But they still develop B12 deficiency. Supplementing with spirulina and other algaes containing B12-like compounds does not help, but in fact increases real B12 requirement. Irony of ironies, they are actually physically sick because they have rejected animal foods.

Here in the UK, we don’t have PETA as such, just a general plethora of highly radicalised totally mental animal rights activists. A while back, some of these animal rights activists targeted the owners of a guinea pig farm who bred guinea pigs for medical research. As part of their ongoing campaign they dug up and stole the remains of the family’s grandmother. Only sick people would that.

It is disturbing that these people would dedicate their lives to liberating guinea pigs (and would be willing to sacrifice their lives and go to prison over it). It’s also very disturbing that they have been allowed to get away with it so far.

As someone who has had to deal with frightening, life-threatening health problems in my closest relatives, who currently take life-saving medications (like epilepsy drugs) whose design relies on rodents or other animals to offer insights into the workings of the human body, I am quite happy to see guinea pigs die for science. In fact, if it should stop the one I love going through any more pain, I will cheerfully do the job myself. Hand me the guinea pig right now! These people have no idea what it is like to watch someone suffer. Or else they have no human feelings of love for other human beings. In fact, I hope every single one of those animal rights activists has a loved one who gets sick and dies because some research wasn’t carried out on guinea pigs due to the terror campaign they have waged on that family.

The Dictatorship of Health

Various journalists have been bemoaning the Dictatorship of Health recently, illustrated with anecdotes of children come home from brainwashing at school and telling off their parents for eating chips because they are “high in fat and salt”.

There have been rumours of adding a “fat tax” to foods high in fat, salt and sugar for at least a couple of years now. Personally, I would be much happier to see an “additive tax” added to foods that contain additives and artificial ingredients like hydrogenated oils. But that will never happen because the industry loves additives too much.

The truth is, it’s none of the state’s goddamned business to be interfering in this kind of stuff. We’ve seen the state interfere with disasterous results before. Nannying over food has created an obesity epidemic. What gives one group the right to perform mass, uncontrolled experiments on the rest of the populace?

Most people are suprised when I tell them I hate the health fascists (to them, on my restricted diet, I appear to be a health fascist). My issue is that so long as capitalism exists, the state will always be under extreme economic pressures to present biased health advice. Therefore, health advice from the state and various independent political and economic interests will always be biased. Therefore, I hate the health fascists.

How about a little personal responsibility here folks? Or perhaps next they’ll have us all eating soylent green?


Written by alienrobotgirl

7 May, 2006 at 11:21 am

Posted in Vegetarianism

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