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Good cod liver oil in the UK

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Good sources of cod liver oil are hard to come by in the UK. Seven Seas cod liver oil contains synthetic vitamins and has a strong, fishy smell. The only cod liver oil I’ve found in the shops that doesn’t appear to contain synthetic vitamins is a Holland & Barrett home brand. However, it too smells horrible.

According to the Weston A. Price Foundation, HealthSpan are the best source of cod liver oil in Europe. Their oil has been tested in the UK and come out as the purest source. (See Cod Liver Oil Clarifications).

A letter to WAPF last year gave this source:

“I finally found out that there are only two “all natural” cod liver oil products in the UK. These are produced by: Kirkman Laboratories and Nordic Naturals and are distributed in the UK by The Nutricentre in Regents Park Crescent, London, and are available online at The Nutricentre claims to be sole European distributers of these products.” Cod Liver Oil Scam

Nutricentre appears to be a very good vitamin supplier and even sells impossible-to-get-hold-of methylcobalamin. The Kirkman Labs cod liver oil is extremely expensive but looks good. Nordic Naturals is a popular, very clean US brand, but they don’t appear to do one that contains vitamin A!

In addition, it seems that Chrisbar Health and Nutrition are selling the WAPF recommended “Garden of Life” “olde world cod liver oil” in the UK now. This is an undeodorised, unbleached product that also contains peppermint (salicylate) essence. It is quite low in vitamin D.

I am currently looking forward to the delivery of a couple of bottles of cod liver oil from HealthSpan. I don’t know whether I will react to any amine content or not. I’m hoping that pure, cleansed cod liver oil won’t contain amines. It’s actually mainly for my partner who has damaged the ball & socket joint in his shoulder from a dislocation, so I’m hoping it might help.


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8 May, 2006 at 3:06 pm

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