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Fish, fish, I want some seafood mamma

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Being a supertaster, I find most fish absolutely intolerable. I can’t stand the fishy smell, though I’ve forced myself to tolerate it on numerous occasions. The smell of battered cod from the local fish and chippy made me retch as a child. This is because fish breaks down into free amines very quickly after being caught. Scromboid poisoning is a regular restaurant reaction to fish in which the histidine content has broken down into histamine and produces a pseudo-allergic reaction in sensitive people. The fishy smell of fish is a warning sign that all is not right. Fish need eating within 24 hours of being caught, or you are exposing yourself to histamine and serotonin, and are likely to experience anything from headaches, to rashes, to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Fish that has been sitting around on a supermarket shelf is deeply suspect, as is fish that has arrived in an unrefrigerated fish van, or fish from restaurants which do not specialise in fish.

The only sources of fish I would consider eating are from specialist fish restaurants with a high turnover, or from city centre (preferably seaside) market stalls whom you know have had a delivery that morning, or from a properly refrigerated fish van that gets good custom.

A couple of weeks ago we drove past a local fish and chip shop, and it smelled wonderful. There was nothing at all fishy about the smell of the fish. The shop was very busy and obviously had a high turnover of orders. Ever since we’ve been stopping there once or twice a week for a battered cod. It is fantastic to have found a good source of edible fish.

Do I care about the vegetable oil it’s cooked in? No, not in the quantity I’m getting in my diet. Actually, my main concern is moral. Part of the reason I ceased being a pescatarian (apart from no longer being able to stomach fishy fish), was that I no longer wanted to contribute to the ecological disaster occurring in the North Sea. Somehow the idea of eating farmed fish, whose main diet is chicken manure, just doesn’t turn me on.


Written by alienrobotgirl

31 May, 2006 at 10:43 am

Posted in Failsafe Foods

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