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The assault on sunlight

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The diet dictocrats have so far made meat a guilt-food and taken away our ability to enjoy alcohol and fatty foods. Recently in the UK they have also started a campaign to keep us all under mushroom-farming conditions. In the dark, and yes, covered in bullshit.

This year it has become absolutely ridiculous: I’m talking about the hype in the media to “cover up and avoid sunlight!” and adverts begging you to use suncream and avoid frying your children. This is pathetic, greed-fuelled profit-mongering. Even medical institutions and doctors are being swayed away from the truth and the science of the matter into an all-out slip-slap-and-slop “cover up during noon” campaign. Shoddy, stupid and sloppy more like it.

Skin cancer accounts for only 2% of cancer deaths, and on average only 73,000 cases of skin cancer are reported each year in the UK. The survival rate is good, and most skin cancers are not killers. Skin cancer has only ever been associated with brief, intense periods of sun exposure. The classic scenario is an office worker who experiences sunlight deficiency for most of the year, followed by sunburn during a week or two of holiday time abroad. Constant low-level exposure to the sun encourages tanning, which protects against sunburn and skin cancer. Listen to the media and you’d think stepping out of your house was a risk factor for being struck dead by a bolt of sunlight from the sky.

Meanwhile this hype has caused rickets to be on the rise in the UK again. Rickets is end-stage vitamin D deficiency. Mild or sub-clinical deficiencies result in poor mineral absorption and mineral balance, heart disease, chronic hypertension, furring-up of the arteries with misplaced calcium deposits, and poor immune function. As well as rickets, poor vitamin D levels in children are associated with developing long- and short-sightedness, incorrect brain development, asthma and eczema, and poor facial and cranial structure (the large misshapen skulls and underdeveloped faces of Weston A. Price’s “children who eat store foods”). Vitamin D is recognised as a powerful protector against every form of cancer.

Our main source of vitamin D is sunlight. In order to get enough vitamin D, we must sit with the top half of our bodies exposed to sunlight for at least half an hour, during the two hours either side of physical noon (11am to 3pm British summer time), when UVB rays are present. UVB rays are only present during the summer time when the sun is directly overhead. The further north your latitude is, the shorter that summer time will be. Vitamin D is manufactured from one type of cholesterol, and is only absorbed if the skin is not washed for several hours after exposure to the sun (no showering!). Put this into perspective with your normal sunlight exposure and likelihood to shower afterwards, and you will start to see the problem.

I was deeply annoyed to listen to Radio 4 (a supposedly more reputable source of information) before Christmas and hear two so-called ‘experts’ make fundamental mistakes about vitamin D and sunlight. One expert said vitamin D could be obtained from all sunlight, the other expert explicitly promoted vitamin D, but reminded people to cover up during the four hottest hours of the day, the only time vitamin D can be obtained!

UVB rays are the so-called “burning rays” that can cause sunburn. The UVA rays we are exposed to during the rest of the day are more likely to tan than burn, partially because they are weaker. Obviously it is not good idea to burn yourself, but instead build up a gradual protective tan during short, regular exposures to sunlight every day.

Sun tan creams which protect against UVB exposure will prevent you from manufacturing any vitamin D. As will taking a shower straight after you’ve been sunbathing. Sunscreens also contain numerous known carcinogens, like benzene and paraben compounds.

More on sunlight, cancer, and vitamin D.


Written by alienrobotgirl

31 May, 2006 at 1:23 pm

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  1. Have you heard of the “Marshall Protocol”?What is the Marshall Protocol?They don’t like vitamin D at all. One has to avoid all sunlight and foods containing vitamin D for several years.More of their stance on vitamin D:The Truth About Vitamin D: Fourteen Reasons Why Misunderstanding EnduresA couple of critical sites:Information About Trevor Marshall, Ph.DIs the MP Treatment for Sarcoidosis also Helpful for other Chronic Diseases? Exploring the claims and theories of the MP.What happened at Marshall site with Paula Carnes? – LymeNet Flash


    4 February, 2008 at 3:00 pm

  2. Hi Brecht, thanks for posting these links! I actually only heard about it just after Christmas when someone posted about it on the FailsafeNT forum. I’m very skeptical of it.


    7 February, 2008 at 9:19 pm

  3. A point of warning: I am member of a CFS group. Recently I received an “important group message” saying not to use the word “MARSHALL” anymore on the group, as apparently, certain yahoo groups have been deleted without notice because of it. I’m saying this, as I’d hate to see your blog disappear just because I brought up the word “Marshall”. [as long as it’s in the comments, it might not be very risky. But it might be best not to display your skepticism (with a heavy sledgehammer) in one of your potential (and always delicious) new blog posts.]The message was also posted to the group: see <a HREF="” REL=”nofollow”>CFSFMExperimental/message/121277“In the US, there is no pre-viewing before someone can file a lawsuit. There has been groups which have disappeared suddenly off Yahoo (shocking the owner, and moderators) — in those cases, there was speculating that Yahoo was hit with legal papers and rather then defend freedom of speech and permit discussion of public figures — took the economic solution — delete the “offending” group.In light of the above experience, I do not want to see the word “MARSHALL” used in **ANY** context on this list. If you are interested in discussing a protocal that uses Benicar and strives for deficiency of Vitamin D — that is fine, but it must be done without ever using the term “MARSHALL”. — do you wish to be responsible for this list with thousands of informative post disappearing? It will not go to court, it will be a low level lawyer in Yahoo who clicks the delete button as a cost effective solution. The only way to defend againt it is to avoid the use of a person name.”


    8 February, 2008 at 12:39 pm

  4. Thanks Brecht… this has led me to delete several posts on FailsafeNT! I think that the links you posted above are a good enough critique in themselves that there is nothing that I can add. They certainly explain why two people on the group say they have been helped by the protocol – and it’s nothing to do with vitamin D.


    8 February, 2008 at 3:28 pm

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