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Bread and dairy

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After much umming and ahhing I’ve finally decided that I am slighty sensitive to dairy, but not enough to matter. The sensitivity is simply that I find it quite addictive. One serving a day is fine. Two servings requires willpower. Three servings makes me crave four or five servings, and I get a pretty obsessed with finding new excuses to eat more dairy. This only seems to apply to whole dairy – milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, mascarpone, etc. I’m fine with cream or creme fraiche. Opioids? I don’t know.

The first time I did a bread trial, I performed it with commercial white bread, and I developed tiny spots of eczema all over my body. This was kind of wild, since I’ve never before had eczema all over my body, but then I’ve never really eaten bread since being force-fed it at school. It wasn’t the propionates, because I found a soy and propionate-free brand, and the eczema continued to worsen. It carried on when I switched to oats. It was gone within a few days of me cutting out grains again.

I wondered whether I’d react differently to “proper” bread – home made, additive-free, sourdough bread. I also added extra wheat germ, and because I’m a coward, I added a bit of commercial yeast to help it rise. Sourdough contains small amounts of amines, but apparently I can tolerate the dose. It might have made me marginally more irritable. I’ve been eating it for over a month, and the only real problems have been 1. constipation, and 2. the complete inability to lose weight.

I’ve also tried commercial white bread again a few times. It seems I react to it with the same symptoms but with less of a problem than to sourdough bread.

I don’t know why I got eczema the first time, but I’m going to experiment again in the future and try to find out. Maybe it was just because I wasn’t “clear” of the dreaded plant poisons.

I’ve been eating a very liberal diet as far as carbohydrate goes (around 70 grams a day) ever since March, and that has caused a liberal amount of weight gain – going from 8st 9lbs all the way up to 9st 2lbs. I don’t really worry about my weight that much, but I’ve hit my psychological upper limit again. Now last year when I gained weight, I gained more than this – but it all went on my ass because I was eating a very low carb, high fat diet. This time with the higher carb-count, about half has gone on my belly and half on my ass, so I’m not feeling too great about my figure at the moment.

I’m going on holiday in about a month’s time, and about a month ago I decided I needed to conciously restrict what I was eating if I wanted to look good in a bikini. But I kept the carbs at between 40-70 grams per day. The problem is – carbs just lead to more carbs. Even at this still quite low amount of carbohydrate, I’ve found it totally impossible to control my hunger. If I have some carbs at lunch, I’m craving more of them 3 o’clock, even more at tea, and I also need some sort of dessert in the evening to feel satisfied.

I hate these cravings. The first time I went on Atkins, I craved breakfast cereal for three whole days. Well I’ve stopped the bread and I’ve started fat-fasting again. Oh, it hurts. There are some failsafe Scottish shortbread biscuits in my desk drawer just calling to me.

I have also desperately (and unsuccessfully) been pestering my other half about us joining a gym again. I am a bit of a freak – I am too scared to go to the gym by myself because I find sweaty men fairly intimidating.


Written by alienrobotgirl

4 July, 2006 at 1:51 pm

Posted in Failsafe Diary

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  1. “I am a bit of a freak – I am too scared to go to the gym by myself because I find sweaty men fairly intimidating.”My God, who doesn’t?!

    Mother Nuture

    5 July, 2006 at 1:51 pm

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