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The food timeline

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This is fantastic! It’s an evidence-based food timeline. Among the surprises and non-surprises you’ll find that:

  • Eggs, insects, fish, and shellfish are prehistoric foods.
  • Evidence for consumption of rice and several other grains are much more ancient than you’d think, and in fact pre-date agriculture by several thousand years (17,000 BC).
  • Evidence for cattle domestication appears in 6,500 BC, and pigs in 7,000 BC, several thousand years after sheep (9,000 BC).
  • Evidence of fruit and vegetable consumption begans only around 6,000 BC, and continues well into the 1st Century AD.
  • Milk and yoghurt evidence dates from 5,000 BC.
  • Evidence of chicken domestication is as recent as 3,200 BC.
  • Kimchi doesn’t appear until the 7th Century.

Written by alienrobotgirl

11 July, 2006 at 1:39 pm

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  1. Dogtor J strikes again! I came across him a few months ago as he has some interesting ideas regarding epilepsy in dogs being related to gluten, which is high in glutamic acid.

    Alien Robot Girl

    12 July, 2006 at 12:17 pm

  2. Interesting!DogtorJ has done some interesting research that is relevant here. Although we have been eating grains for many millenia, it was first around 400 AD that two particular types of wheat were combined to achieve a much higher level of gluten than previously.Similarly, the consumption of COWS milk took off around 1300-1400 AD, according to DogtorJ. Perhaps these cows had a different casein type than previous cows.Both gluten and casein are known to induce vitrous atrophy of the villi in the duodenum. DogtorJ suggests that this might be an underlying cause of the plagues in Europe around 400 and 1400 AD.For a starter on these theories see

    Raw Paleo John

    12 July, 2006 at 12:07 pm

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