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Egg deficiency

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Eggs are a Paleolithic food.

I have a very, very slight allergy or idiosyncratic histamine reaction to eggs. The reason I know I have an allergy or histamine reaction to eggs, is because if my immune system is having a busy day, eggs will make the back of my throat itch within seconds of eating. When my sister was small she had an allergy/reaction to eggs that was more pronounced, she would get a rash around her mouth and an itchy throat. This is the same way I react to my genuine allergies – to dust mites, animal dander and pollen. This is also how I know that other vague reactions to wholefoods like milk and grains are NOT allergies! If they were allergies, I would get allergic symptoms!

I may react to many forms of sulphur and to folate, but I’m very fortunate in that I don’t really react to eggs, in fact organic eggs are one of the few foods that I can eat which I can guarantee is completely safe for me.

I’d like to speculate that much of the planet is suffering from a dietary egg deficiency.

The interesting thing about eggs is that they contain a perfect ratio of the amino acids required by the human body.

The reason that eggs smell sulphurous when they are old or rotten is because they are comparatively very high in the sulphur-containing amino acids, methionine and cysteine, as well as containing a few free thiols.

In fact, though meat is as near as we get to another perfect protein, all meat is much lower in methionine and cysteine than eggs. Beans are even less perfect and extremely deficient in methionine. Occasional strange foods like Brazil nuts are high in methionine (but not cysteine), but these foods are very few and far between. In short, if you want to get enough sulphur-containing amino acids on a restricted protein diet, you need to eat eggs! Any protein that you eat which is not eggs is deficient in methionine and cysteine.

Unlike muscle meat, eggs also contain goodly amounts of folate. The interesting thing about folate is that it is required for DNA methylation. This is the mechanism by which a folate deficiency can cause neural tube defects in the unborn. However, folate is difficult to acquire in the diet. It is actually present in tiny amounts in “foliage” (another case where “eat lots of fruit and vegetables” is poor advice), and large amounts in liver and beans, but pregnant women are being scared away from eating liver, and no one eats beans.

However, the folate path is not necessarily required. DNA methylation is also performed by methionine, whereupon it is converted to homocysteine. Choline is converted to betaine (TMG) and can act to take homocysteine back to methionine without the need for folate at all!

I feel safer eating eggs, which contain some folate and plenty of methionine and choline, than I would if I were eating my RDA of folate alone. Methionine and choline decrease folate and B12 requirements!

It is extremely impractical to eat a diet containing the inflated US RDA of folate (400mcg compared to 200mcg in the EU) from wholefoods alone – which would have to consist largely of wheat germ, lentils, beans and liver. Isn’t it about time health authorities stopped scaring pregnant women away from eating eggs and started tackling neural tube defects head-on by promoting egg consumption instead of such unreasonable demands?


Written by alienrobotgirl

12 July, 2006 at 1:34 pm

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  1. There are theories in Eastern medicine and cuisine that if you have something wrong with you (i.e. poorly functioning liver or low sex drive), you should eat that part of the animal to make it better (eat liver or eat testicles or bull’s penis… etc.). They also believe eating something that even just looks like that part of your body will also do the trick (i.e. the juice of a young coconut makes your ejaculate effusive and healthy). Kwasniewski also touches on this theory in his books and recommends it. I guess eating eggs while pregnant only makes sense!Annabelle

    Mother Nuture

    12 July, 2006 at 2:51 pm

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