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Back from holiday

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But I wish I wasn’t. I actually got back last week but had no desire to face the internet. I had a lovely holiday in Ibiza. Went to Manumission at Privilege, watched the sun set in front of the Cafe del Mar, listened to Pete Tong at Cafe Mambo. Not a typical holiday for me, but very enjoyable. We were in a villa, so I did quite well with food. I find I react less anyway on stress-free, sunshiny holidays. I think sunshine and sweating has something to do with it. Sweating helps detoxify phenol compounds through the skin. I think vitamin D probably helps as well. I spent a lot of time swimming in the sea.

I joined a gym when I got back. Seeing all those skinny bronzed Italians, French and Spanish made me feel pink and inferior. I have no motivation back here in the UK, as I’m pretty slim compared to most people I know, and besides which, I’m so over worrying about my weight these days. I see it develop into an illness in other people, and I’ve even seen it destroy relationships. I’m thinking of the gym thing as more of a long term project to add some muscle tone, relieve boredom, and improve my figure.

Up until a couple of months ago, I felt too fatigued to even consider joining a gym, especially as I was still having very angry hypoglycaemic reactions to exercise. I mentioned a few months ago how salicylates induce hypoglycaemia by causing excess insulin production and increased glucose requirement. I have also mentioned how I have regained my carbohydrate tolerance since cutting out salicylates on Failsafe. It seems I don’t get shaky anymore when I exercise. Unfortunately, I still want to eat more though.

One of the other reasons I joined the gym was because they have an infrared sauna. Based on the “sweat detoxifies phenols through the skin” theory, I may as well give it a go. I feel very energised after using it.

I think I finally have my partner fully on my side with regards food chemical intolerance. He’s been very forgiving but has been making skeptical remarks ever since I started the diet. However, he’s seen how my carbohydrate tolerance has improved over the last few months. This weekend I almost deliberately set up a situation to prove the reactions to him by eating spaghetti bolognese. The following morning I went insane-angry-crazy woman on him when I tried to do breakfast. I burnt three pieces of toast (one after the other), wreaked some fried eggs, yelled a lot and went and had a cry. All because I ate some tomato sauce the night before. He believes me now. I don’t intend to repeat that experience any time soon. I can barely remember the last time I felt like that.

I haven’t really been bothering with the clindamycin phosphate I was given by the doctor for my dermatitis. Even that bad reaction only resulted in some facial flushing and inflammation around my eyes, no sign of eczema, so I’m hoping I’ve got it beat now. Staying off coffee in particular makes a big difference!


Written by alienrobotgirl

15 August, 2006 at 1:41 pm

Posted in Personal Diary

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  1. Glad you had a good holiday – we enjoyed it too. Wish we were still there :)Pete


    20 August, 2006 at 11:31 pm

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