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That saturated fat meal that's bad for your arteries

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I’ve seen a couple of critiques of the latest tiresome anti-saturated-fat scare-story put out in the media a few weeks ago, that “just one meal high in saturated fat can harm your arteries!

Here’s Anthony Colpo’s critique, which points out what a teeny tiny differences the massive relative percentages really are.

Here’s Chris Masterjohn’s critique, which examines vitamin E content as an alternative hypothesis.

Something I’d like to point out that seems really obvious to me, but is probably quite specialist knowledge – too specialist even for the researchers who designed the study – is that:

Safflower oil is extremely low in phenolic chemicals including salicylates.

Coconut oil is extremely high in phenolic chemicals including salicylates.

Unlike fat, salicylates are vasoactive. The study measures the dilation of the arteries after eating identical meals, one containing virgin safflower oil, the other containing virgin coconut oil. Of course they will be different.

Personally, I believe that all the study is doing is measuring the effects of phenols on arterial dilation and forms of inflammation.


Written by alienrobotgirl

21 August, 2006 at 8:58 pm

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