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Chocolate addicts take note!

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Who needs crack when chocolate is freely available?

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve come to realise I have unpleasant reactions to chocolate, and how other failsafers have also reported extreme reactions, including wild bouts of paranoia. I’ve always been a chocolate addict, and even on a strict low-carb diet, a meal didn’t feel “complete” without a small piece of very strong dark chocolate at the end. I always blamed this on carbohydrate cravings, but I realised when I tried to replace chocolate with other foods – like dates – that I would still crave chocolate when the sweet cravings were satisfied. The problem was the chemistry of chocolate, which is high in a raft of amines and other neurotransmitters like endorphins.

Amines are something in particular that I associate with being put in what I can only describe as a “black mood”, like a seething thundercloud. I hate everyone and everything, I’m disgusted by the selfishness and idiocy of humanity (normally the selfishness and idiocy of humanity does not bother me particularly, LOL), and I want to be as far away from all other human beings as possible.

Chocolate in particular, not only puts me in a “black mood”, it also makes me fairly paranoid. Some people experience the feeling that they are being victimised. I don’t (I already know they’re out to get me, LOL), instead I’m paranoid about things like dying in car accidents or leaving the gas on. Chocolate is particularly high in dopamine, and I’m aware that too much dopamine in the limbic system and not enough in the cortex creates an imbalance that produces suspicion, paranoia and inhibits social interaction. Something else I tend to get with chocolate consumption and amines (and I have this in common with side effects experienced by Seroxat/Paxil and Prozac users, so is possibly serotonin related) is that I’ll flash on violent scenarios or morbid fantasies in which I die. Fortunately I’m a very level-headed person and have trained myself to put such images straight out of my mind.

In real life I’ve heard many tales of women who have chocolate addictions who get such powerful chocolate cravings that they have to drop everything that they are doing and go out (or more often, their boyfriend is hassled into going out) to buy chocolate from the local newsagent. One friend of mine swears she cannot go a single day without a bar of chocolate. She’s a Muslim and observes fasting during Ramadan – every day she would count down the seconds until the sunset fell and would rush to the office snack machine to buy a big Mars bar.

This is from the latest failsafe newsletter:

The biggest shock for me however, was when I recently discovered I was a food reactor!! I was a junk food addict and would eat about 5kg of chocolate a week. I can’t believe now I had so many symptoms, and I never even put them together as symptoms, let alone found the source of the problem! I was getting migraines, I constantly had a headache behind my eyes, I felt very faint and disoriented, had stomach pains that felt like needles – usually after eating lollies, and I was always bloated – something which really upset me.

The weirdest thing to attribute to food however was my extreme ‘fear of the dark’ as I called it. I would be terribly scared of the dark, I would think that my mind thought it could see little people and things out of the corner of my eye, even though I knew they weren’t there, I would open my eyes every 10 seconds while trying to get to sleep, just to check if there were monsters or robbers there, and every time I closed my eyes all I could picture in my head was horrible things that would scare me. I was a bit worried I was starting to go crazy, then I stopped eating chocolate and didn’t even notice all these symptoms disappeared.

It wasn’t until I splurged on a whole chocolate cake over two nights that I discovered what had caused these problems. After eating the cake I was completely on edge. I couldn’t sit down for ten seconds without turning around to make sure there were no monsters or robbers behind me. Eventually I had to sit with my back to the wall so I wouldn’t think there were things behind me. That was the last time I ate chocolate, and the thought of ever eating it again scares me! – by email. [447] ‘Fear of the dark’ really a food reaction (August 2006)

Wow. Five kilograms of chocolate a week. That’s quite an achievement. In this case, a food chemical addiction was the primary problem, and the calorie consumption was a secondary, inevitable aspect. I don’t believe people naturally overconsume food, I believe they do it when what they are eating is giving them cravings.


Written by alienrobotgirl

23 August, 2006 at 10:36 am

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  1. I also have a history of imagining morbid scenarios in which I die gruesomely. They come on my all of the sudden and only last a moment, but the disturbed feeling can last hours afterwards. Most often it’s in car accidents or cutting myself very badly when I’m cooking. Sometimes it’s getting my eye gouged out by something. I used to have the very stupid attitude that these visions were some sort of premonition and refused to do anything that might put me in dangerous situations (like learn to drive) for years. Finally I just forced myself because I realised that it was probably just a self-esteem issue and I was letting the fear of independence get to me. If the visions were actually premonitions, I would have to die 10 different ways to fulfill them all!I never considered food intolerance as the cause, but now that you mention it, I haven’t noticed any of these fantasies since going failsafe!

    Mother Nuture

    23 August, 2006 at 1:10 pm

  2. Oh yes, those sound exactly like the disturbing images I would get. Car accidents, knives, glass. I was particularly bothered by images of cut wrists, jumping off tall buildings or cliffs, and just as you say, eyes being gouged out! It’s definitely 100% caused by food chemicals.

    Alien Robot Girl

    23 August, 2006 at 4:14 pm

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