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Red split lentils

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I’m currently doing a red split lentils experiment. Pre-failsafe, lentils are something I associated with hypoglycaemia, bad digestion, and feeling like I was going to die. A few weeks into failsafe, I had some lentils, chickpeas and rice, and I couldn’t get out of bed the next day. I blamed this on the fact that they supposedly contain small amounts of histamine, and puzzled as to why they were allowed on the elimination diet. However, I realised eventually that I had done something stupid, as the (organic) chickpeas were out of a can and smelled slightly sulphurous, so could have formed amines or have contained undeclared sulphites. [Edit: no, I know now it was because I had mistakenly eaten some basmati rice!]

I have experimented with lentils a few times and never experienced the same sensation again. However, they seemed to be very good at completely clogging up my guts. I sometimes seem to have strange reactions to rice [edit: that would be the basmati], and oats always seem to make me irritable and achy. I even had some pretty intense bleeding one time, when I ate lentils with a tablespoon of (illegal) wild rice mixed in, and it wasn’t, umm, a mechanical bleed. Whether it’s a lectin thing, or an indigestible fibre/starch thing, or something else, I don’t know yet. [Edit: it was a salicylate thing].

I’ve been doing a lentil trial for about five days now. I have a bit of ticcing in my eye muscles, a little bit of tinnitus, and a strange off-kilter kind of energy, and I’m a bit “touchy”. One of my symptoms is I get irritable about personal space and being touched and I can push people away when I actually want a hug from them (sounds like Asperger’s doesn’t it?). Fortunately my long suffering partner doesn’t seem to mind. I also I currently have a very low tolerance level for mardy/negative/arrogant/patronising/teenager-like/sulky people – something I have a problem with anyway but I can normally keep in check without feeling like I’m going to say something really rude, like “f*ing grow up”. Curiously, my guts have been absolutely fine. I’m not sure I could cope with eating them every day as the tinnitus gets quite annoying especially at night, but I think I can include them now and then.


Written by alienrobotgirl

26 November, 2006 at 10:47 am

Posted in Failsafe Foods

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