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Glutamated by gelatine and UHT milk

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I’ve been going through a pretty awful reaction for the last week or so and I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what I’ve been doing wrong.

It’s been a glutamate reaction. It started about a week ago when I tried testing commercial gelatine by making some soups instead of having wheat germ. When I have home made stock, I react almost straight away with an aminey reaction. Commercial gelatine is supposed to be allowed, but it does contain some glutamates. It took about three days for me to figure out I had a problem, by which time I was very sleepy (glutamates, it seems, make me sleepy). I was also obsessed. I woke up on the third morning and I couldn’t think about anything except eating more gelatinous soup. I wanted it for breakfast. I was groggy, I couldn’t seem to get up, so I must have spent 45 minutes in bed, thinking about how I must have some more soup! So I called a halt to that experiment.

I decided to swap back to having wheat germ porridge instead again. Since I haven’t been feeling great and have had some skin problems since I came down with a cold over Christmas, I decided to give my liver a total rest and to cut out ALL vegetables except potatoes for a while, and stop my milk thistle. This really is the worst time of the year for failsafers for reactions. Vitamin D supplies are at their lowest, and there’s still a while ahead until we get some UVB sunshine. So I substituted with even more wheat germ – two bowls a day instead of one. I don’t normally eat potatoes either, so I started having them every day.

My body felt like it was relaxing. I haven’t felt so relaxed and calm in months. I felt really bright and awake too, though I still felt a bit wobbly like I couldn’t quite get over the glutamate reaction. Then I went downhill again at the end of this week and started having the same reaction again. I started to really crave wheat germ porridge. I didn’t know whether it was a carb craving or something more sinister. I just couldn’t figure it out. I’ve had heart palpatations, insomnia till about 2AM, some hangover and brain fog problems, and I’ve been totally knocked out – so tired I just want to fall asleep in the afternoon. Something I have noticed particularly with glutamates is that I start to get some pain in my old DVT leg. Which is interesting because when I got my DVT, I happened to be eating Pot Noodles for lunch every day, which are full of MSG. Glutamate is an essential part of the clotting process.

I’ve tried taking B6 and vitamin C to ease the reaction a little bit, because these two vitamins help you turn glutamate into GABA. It seems to have a little bit of an effect, but not much at all.

Then I noticed last night when I decided to have a small cup of milk before bed that I started getting a scary skipping/racing heart beat. I woke up groggy this morning. My other half made some Yorkshire puddings for lunch, made with milk. This afternoon I was so tired I fell asleep for most of the afternoon. Something horrible started to happen to me when I woke up. I realised I had skipping/pounding heart beat. It’s so frightening when it happens. I feel like I’m going to die. I get an impending sense of doom just like a heart attack. I feel weak as a kitten. I was still so sleepy I kept drifting off to sleep and waking up again and having this horrible pounding heart beat, and not being able to get out of the sleep state. This is what they used to call “night terrors” in the olden days.

I finally figured out the source of the problem. I bought a different source of milk. I normally buy one specific brand of non-organic Jersey cow milk (“Gold Top”), and I seem to tolerate that fairly well. The milk I’ve drunk in the last few days has been an organic whole milk from M&S. You would think that organic milk would be safer. I don’t know whether they are allowed to add dried milk powder to organic milk without declaring it, but I thought not. But on the label the milk says “pasteurised for longer“.

Milk has some natural glutamates in it. Potatoes have some too. Apparently pasteurising milk for longer hydrolyses the proteins and creates more glutamates. There are several sites dedicated to people who are sensitive to MSG. All of the people there seem to be in agreement that they cannot drink UHT or long-pasteurised milk.

Is it possible that some milk intolerance reactions are just MSG reactions to over-processed, denatured milk?


Written by alienrobotgirl

4 February, 2007 at 7:03 pm

Posted in Failsafe Foods

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  1. Gosh, I feel like nothing is safe these days, and nothing is what it seems! I’ve been feeling very healthy lately but my myalgia has got worse, something i’ve put down to “too much carb” from eating soaked lentils but it’s probably just another chemical reaction i’ve missed! This brings me hope that I may not be casein intolerant afterall.Hope you feel better soon.Elena


    5 February, 2007 at 11:17 am

  2. Hi ElenaYes, that’s how I feel at the moment!I’d definitely not soak the lentils. They don’t need soaking – it doesn’t serve any real purpose in lentils. If you still react to non-soaked ones, you may just have to cut down on the quantity. I get a bit reactive if I have too many.

    Alien Robot Girl

    5 February, 2007 at 12:05 pm

  3. I really wish I could get ahold of raw Jersey milk. I bet I’d do really well on it – I just have this feeling!

    Mother Nuture

    12 February, 2007 at 10:27 pm

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