Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

An Unfortunate and Lengthy Adventure in Misdiagnosis

I'm not back yet (part two)

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I guess part of the reason I disappeared over the last few months is that I was feeling fairly worn down with the whole thing. I wanted to find some sort of a solution to this problem, though ever since I started I’ve had the sinking feeling that it’s a part of my biology and hell, high water and wild horses aren’t going to do the slightest thing to change it. I’m not going to change the world or its eating habits either. The best I can do is try and spread the word as far and wide as possible so at least some of the most inquisitive, resourceful, and open minded people are able to figure out the causes of their ill health. Instead I got tied up in the minutiae of trying to help every individual try to figure out the cause of every little reaction they had so they could avoid doing the elimination diet and testing things properly.

People always have to do their own thing. People hate doing the elimination diet. People make exceptions for their favourite foods, or foods they think are nutritious. They take vitamin megadoses, or vitamins they’ve been told to avoid. They take probiotics that half the time make them ill. They try chelation therapy and when they react to the DMSO they think it’s because they’re moving mercury out of their bodies. They try to eliminate one chemical at a time and get locked into an either/or mentality. They make endless mistakes with what they can and cannot eat. They bitch about food not being tasty. They bitch about not having anything to eat. They become obsessed with eating foods that they should be using caution with, and then don’t understand they’re self-medicating their addictions. They become enamoured of the dubious “you need to eat more salicylates not less” theory of salicylate intolerance. They give their good money to bad quacktitioners who sell them NAET, hypnotism, acupuncture, and homeopathic cures. Belief is a very powerful thing. At the first sign of becoming sick, they bottle it and start using non-failsafe medications and herbal remedies. If they get sick, they blame the elimination diet and decide salicylates must be good for them instead of acknowledging the fact that their body is in turmoil and needs at least three months to reset. And they never, ever question the idea that fruits and vegetables are good for you – that the “wonderful antioxidants” they contain are the exact same reactive compounds that are making them ill.

This is pretty much why I needed the mental holiday. Not because I’m upset or having a rant about what is inevitable and a part of human nature and what we all have to go through (I went through it all too), but because I was so tired of going over old ground. When I have to say something more than about three times, I start to feel stupid and embarrassed at having had to say it again. I never know when I’m patronising people or talking over their heads. It’s just the way I’m built. Aspergers. I’d make a bad teacher.

That’s why when I get back on the case I’ll have to try hard to restrain myself from unnecessary posts and interactions with people in order to give myself enough time to get the information website updated and completed. Now I come back to look at it, I can see tons of errors and things I want to change. For example, salicylate, amine, and glutamate intolerance isn’t merely about detox or inactivation of the compounds involved. It’s also about inflammatory processes, about genes that effect neurotransmitters, and a kind of a sensitivity I can’t quite explain but seems to be integral to autism, asperger’s, ADHD, fibromyalgia, and other related conditions. I think it’s something that deserves a “syndrome” title – like “food chemical intolerance syndrome” – or “feingold syndrome”, except it isn’t necessarily ultimately about food, but an integral weakness or difference that is expressed when exposed to certain chemical, atmospheric, environmental, emotional, and food triggers.

I think it’s genetic, or at the very least congenital. I don’t think anymore that in some people might have anything to do with vitamin deficiencies, or with toxins like mercury, or with gut flora, or any other vague possibility that people have theorised. I think it is primarily a modern syndrome. I think it has something to do with our evolutionary diet being low in chemicals, and our evolving in a highly pressured, dangerous environment in which survival of the fittest is survival of the brainiest. I think it has something to do with eating a diet consisting almost entirely of fatty, fresh meat and bland root vegetables, and that’s why we do very well on this diet and very badly on a modern “healthy” diet. I couldn’t care less what various native tribes eat in obscure regions of the world where these genes probably haven’t propagated, as I think it’s fairly irrelevant. Dr Price did not in any case study the health of people beyond their ability to fend off infections and the quality of their bone development. This syndrome is far more subtle than that.

As I have always said, we are all affected by food chemicals beyond a certain point, and that point isn’t particularly high, but some people are particularly badly affected by them and they are different in some fundamental way that cannot be summed up and pinpointed with one gene, or two, or three, but perhaps a small, correlating group of genes. Is autism caused by food chemicals? Or do food chemicals affect autistics particularly badly? Is our inherent hypersensitivity to our environment caused by the food chemicals, or does this inherent hypersensitivity make us sensitive to the food chemicals? Is the hypersensitivity just a different unrelated aspect of the genes involved? Who knows?


Written by alienrobotgirl

27 July, 2007 at 5:18 pm

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