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Five(ish) things you don’t know about me

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Sherrie tagged me with a five things you didn’t know about me meme in January and I never got around to doing it. I spent a couple of months thinking “hmm, what can I write?” and “hmm, what should I actually give away?” since I can be a bit of a dark horse when I want to be.

I’m supposed to write five little known facts about me and then nominate five people who I want to pass the meme onto. Which will be a problem because most of the bloggers I know got memed before me. Second problem is I can’t count:

1. I’m a member of the Church of the Subgenius and a legally ordained member of the clergy of the Church of Spiritual Humanism. This means that in most of the United States I can legally marry people. I quote the Church of Spiritual Humanism: “The Scientific Method is the best way yet discovered for winnowing the truth from lies and delusion. […] Spiritual Humanism recognizes that any religion not based on the Scientific Method can never fully reveal truth to its members.” Amen to that. I am a strong supporter of the Pastafarians. I also endorse Positive Atheism, and would like to nod my head in the direction of Richard Dawkins. My brief flirtation with religion is limited to a vaguely “spiritual” period when I was a depressed teenager. I was convinced that if I tried hard enough, I could make myself psychic. But that didn’t work out for me.

2. My little sister used to be a popstar. She’s a very talented bass guitarist and all round musician. She found herself a member of a girl guitar band. They had a number 8 single in the charts and two further top twenty singles. Unfortunately unless you get number ones for every single you release, your career is going to be short lived. She got to meet quite a few famous people like the groups Westlife, Steps, and people like Cat Deeley, Billie Piper, Kerry Katona and zillions of others. She appeared on Top of the Pops, CD:UK and so on. Sadly the band’s management were ripping them off and sowing a lot of division between the girls. The workload is exhausting, and she barely made any money at all, so she had quite a bad time in the end. When they went their separate ways, S. put down her bass guitar and never picked it up again. A real shame.

3. I’ve written three novels. About vampires. Seriously. Fortunately the manuscripts are mouldering away in a drawer, and one day soon I will have a cleansing bonfire. NO, before you say it, writing about vampires DOES NOT mean I believe in vampires.

4. I have two degrees. One is a BA (hons) in Social Sciences. The other is an MA in Writing.

5. I used to call myself a Marxist. This is because I have studied sociology, and Marxism offers an extremely strong analysis of capitalism and all of the hidden systems and social forces in society that direct our progress, our social relations, and even our very values and opinions. In fact no other social theory even attempts to explain human social history. I also believe in the fundamental right to equality for all human beings. In any hierarchy there are winners and losers, and it seems to me there are a heck of a lot of losers in this world (for example, most of Africa, and half of Asia and South America). Westerners often characterise a “right to equality” in terms of a meritocracy: we should all start out from the same point, and have the same opportunities, and then the people who deserve to be rich will be rich, and the people who deserve to be poor will be poor. Even if meritocracies were anything other than a shallow delusion, I do not believe in meritocracies. Just because you are not as clever, or not as educated, or not as able as the next person, does not mean you deserve to be penalised, trampled on, or forced to live in poverty. The idea of buying into an inherently war-mongering, violent social system is distasteful to me. However. I think a lot of human beings are also inherently war-like, violent, and desirous of hierarchy. I do not think a communist system could ever be free of hierarchy or truly equal because there are a lot of selfish people in the world. I think communism incarnate was pretty darn unpleasant. But my view of human beings is hopeful, not bleak. Perhaps at some point in the future – perhaps the distant future – we will have the opportunity to stop behaving like headless chickens and sit down, ask the big questions and actually design our society for the benefit of all instead of being thrown about by social conditions beyond our control. Will we ever find utopia? I wouldn’t want to say.

6. I’ve been a vegetarian twice in my lifetime, for a total of eight years. Having had the virtue of experiencing extended periods of both eating meat and not eating meat, I can say with utter certainty that I feel much healthier when I eat meat. Having felt something of an affinity with animals for my whole life, the morality of eating meat is something I have struggled with. For a while I was also pescatarian, but I felt utterly hypocritical, as I was causing many more animal deaths than I would have if I had eaten land animals. Then I did some maths, educated myself of a few facts, reassessed my moral code, and I will never go back to vegetarianism.

7. Hmm. No, I think I’ll leave this skeleton in the closet.

8. I seem to have a lot of friends who are goths. I have something of a gothic mentality. I am not a goth. Gothic is boring and conformist and not at all original. I go about wearing pretty, girly, properly structured, old fashioned clothes. I hate the sloppy, scruffy things we consider normal clothes today. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie O. are my style icons. My secret tribe would be the burlesque revivalists, like Dita Von Teese. I would rather wear a corset than a bra.

9. I also have an anonymous blog…

Annabelle, Chris, and Kim and Pete, I’m slapping you with a meme.


Written by alienrobotgirl

3 August, 2007 at 4:10 pm

Posted in Personal Diary

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  1. Ok….I’ll start thinking


    4 August, 2007 at 12:27 am

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