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Failsafe Rice Pudding

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Not failsafe for opioid responders unless A2 cow’s milk, goat’s milk or sheep milk is used.

To serve one.

2 oz white rice
1-2 cups of milk
1 oz butter
1 tablespoon of sugar, or to taste

Quick method:

Add the rice and one cup of milk to a covered pan. Bring to the boil watching carefully that the milk does not boil over. Simmer on a very low heat for roughly twenty minutes, then add the butter, and sugar to taste.

Slow method:

Add the rice, two cups of milk and other ingredients to an ovenproof pan and place in an oven on about 160 celsius for an hour to an hour and a half, checking every half hour, until the milk has evaporated and become thick and creamy.

Use whatever short grain brand of rice you tolerate. The recipe works well with sushi rice as well as pudding rice. Goat’s milk can be substituted for cow’s milk. You may also add a touch of vanilla if tolerated.

Failsafe Rice Pudding Nutrient Profile


Written by alienrobotgirl

9 February, 2008 at 9:34 pm

Posted in Failsafe Recipes

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