Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

An Unfortunate and Lengthy Adventure in Misdiagnosis

Catch 22

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Apparently some aspirin sensitive individuals are hypersensitive to hydrocortisone. I wish I had known that three days  ago, I would have been a lot more cautious. I’ve always had shaky/adrenaline reactions to hydrocortisone. I don’t know whether they’re caused by too much hydrocortisone, or by a withdrawal. All I know is that they tend to last all day.

So after the use of two or three small, pea-sized amount of hydrocortisone cream on Saturday and Sunday, today I woke up with a basal body temperature bang on normal, with a blood pressure that had risen slightly and was bang on my normal (about 125/70), and a pulse that was fast. I think it averaged between 90 and 75, though I had a scary moment when I thought it had touched 100. This is quite staggering, after being stuck in the vital signs doledrums for weeks.

I didn’t take anything today, I didn’t dare to. I woke up very nauseous with diarrhoea. This tends to happen to me with hydrocortisone, though never this badly. The problem was that I could feel my heartbeat, and my muscles were very weak. I couldn’t get out of bed for ages. Muscle weakness is a side effect of hydrocortisone intake and/or withdrawal. So is the slightly laboured breathing I’ve been getting. I read somewhere that supplemental hydrocortisone can cause a dip in testosterone levels, which are responsible for muscle strength. I don’t know how true that is. I felt exactly like this a few weeks ago when I first went to the doctor, right down to the nausea and upset stomach, so I guess I might have had a lot of steroid hormones coursing through me back then.

So my choice is – put up with being incredibly weak and drained but clear-headed with a normal body temperature, or put up with being brain foggy and confused with a massively fluctuating low temperature. It’s possible that I’m t4 toxic from my inability to use the t4 due to low hydrocortisone levels, though I was underwhelmed by my temperature in comparison to my pulse and I think this is probably unlikely. I can’t function at the moment, can’t even contemplate stacking the dishwasher or sweeping the floor. The house is a tip.

I seem to be tangled in a metabolic cat’s cradle, where tweaking one string starts to choke something else. Being stressed about getting past the hurdle with my GP isn’t helping. I’m having trouble calming down. I think I’ll be going later this week if possible, and I’ve persuaded my partner to come with me for moral support.


Written by alienrobotgirl

8 June, 2009 at 11:28 pm

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