Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

An Unfortunate and Lengthy Adventure in Misdiagnosis

Moving Plant Poisons and Rotten Stuff

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Hello. Can’t stop! I know, the blog has been dormant for a long time, and I really owe everyone an update, but I honestly don’t have time at the moment. I’m going through some big life-changes (new relationship, new home, new ways to earn money…). But things are going relatively well, the thyroid problem is mostly under control, and my food chemical intolerances are 90% gone when I’m well – though when I go through a bad patch with my thyroid they come roaring back.

But this is a housekeeping post. I can’t afford to pay for a load of domain names anymore, so I’m moving the Plant Poisons and Rotten Stuff information site to here in anticipation of the domain name expiry: The Failsafe Diet Explained. Everything should still be there.


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24 September, 2010 at 1:04 am

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  1. Hi,

    How are things going?

    I just realised that you have put up all the elimination diet info from plant poisons. I thought this blog was is (despite having previously read this post!).

    Anyway, glad to see that all of this information is still up.

    I’m being stupid lately going off diet and wondering why a feel bad. I wonder how often that happens with people – thinking that knowing means you rise above the problem.

    I’m quite sure that amines worsen my anxiety and ocd (often initially making me feel better and then worse). I haven’t been as careful with salicylates maybe because their effects are less obvious on me. Interestingly a caffeine and aspirin formulation (Beechams powders) has a very positive short-term effect on my state of mind – awake, focused and motivated (much more so than caffeine alone), but the aftermath could very well be a different story. (The effectiveness of this little booster wears off with repeated usage anyway, as would be expected.) I suspect salicylates worsen my tiredness which is my overall number one problem now. I also seem to get mild skin reactions with high dosages.

    Having been reading your blog, I decided to look into my thyroid function and my T4 came up quite low despite a very low TSH (indicative of central hypothyroidism). My pulse was usually low – 50bpm. Body temperature was mostly 36.5, but sometimes considerably lower. Anyway, I’ve started self-treatment with NDT and I am in the process of increasing my dosage. Initially NDT seems to have made me noticeably worse, perhaps due to TSH suppression, which might not be that unusual with central hypothyroidism. Though my vitals seem to have improved progressively. I’ll be increasing my dosage (currently 2 grains) until I feel better or hyper. If I become hyper before feeling better I will assume my thyroid is not the problem.

    A very brief update on how you are getting on would be really cool.


    29 November, 2010 at 12:33 pm

  2. I think you might find this interesting:

    It’d be nice to hear about you… Long time no update 😐


    18 June, 2011 at 12:23 pm

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