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GAPS: a pile of…

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, quacktitioner extraordinaire and author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) believes that salicylates and SLAs are ‘high in antioxidants’ and ‘help the body to detox’. Apparently ADHD and other behavioural symptoms are the result of the ‘detox’ which is of course ‘good for you’. She recommends a gluten-free, casein-free, high salicylate/amine/glutamate diet to ‘cure’ autism and ADHD.

I came across a few blog posts from some poor soul who has been duped into doing GAPS by the bloody idiots at the Weston A. Price Foundation for various symptoms of ill health that rightly ought to be treated with a hospital monitored failsafe elimination diet. I’ll run through the sorry tale:

I had no idea that doing the GAPS diet would be so hard for me and on my family. I have lived without gluten for almost two years and dairy for 6 months so I thought…”hey I can live on soup for awhile”….hahaha….yeah right! I totally underestimated the power food has over my life and the power of the bad bacteria in my gut. This has truly been the hardest week of my life (besides giving birth).


I belive the reason this has been so hard for me was because my body had great difficulty expelling the toxic waste from my body (constipation) and going into the diet thinking that I would be able to add new things quickly.

When I began feeling some constipation issues I immediately noticed my skin starting to itch terribly (I think the toxins were trying to get out any way possible), my nursing daughter woke up with bumpy skin rash/eczema, and I experienced severe mood swings and terrible gas. I literally felt like the dead bacteria in my body were producing some sort of gas that was rocketing into my brain. I almost went to the hospital yesterday to get on anti-depressants. I was really starting to freak my self out. Thankfully my husband has been supportive but there has been some very hard times for us all. Oh another thing….my 12month old wakes every two hours at night crying. I’ve tried letting her cry herself to sleep but she literally continues to cry for hours so I finally go in to nurse her and she sleeps for a few hours and wakes again. This type of sleep is NOT good for either of us. In case we were not already feeling crappy, now we are purely exhausted. This is enough reason for me to want to get us better. I know her sleep troubles are diet related. I’m starting over

Despite this appalling and perhaps even dangerous reaction to the diet, this poor woman persists:

It has been a solid two weeks since beginning our probiotic Bio-Kult by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. And at least 4 weeks since beginning the GAPS diet of bone broth soups, veggies, meat, beet kvass, ginger tea, fermented veggies, ghee galore, coconut oil, cod liver oil, some nuts, apple/pear sauce and fresh veggie juices.

Could this diet be any higher in food chemicals? I can just imagine what they are going to do to this poor woman.

I’ll list the positive improvements for Ani and I first: I’ve gained 12lbs, Ani only wakes twice a night and my bowel movements are pretty regular, coming once a day.

Because I began with two bio-kults per day and lots of coconut oil (major candida killer), Ani and I have had head cold type symptoms for last two weeks. Yesterday I began only taking 1 capsule per day and really cut down on the coconut oil. Today we both seem better but I really have to stay consistent with detoxing. We drink a small glass of fresh carrot/celery/beet/cilantro/garlic juice after waking (btw….beets are the best liver cleansers in the world, cilantro is known to expel metal toxicity and garlic kills bad bacteria), I’m drinking lots of beet kvass, and bone broth with ginger (another powerful anti-microbial) and of course eating lots of soups!! Despite these measures, I’ll admit that both Ani and I have die-off coming out of every area in our bodies. Ani has eczema on her legs and neck, she has a runny nose, watery eyes, and some emotional issues every so often. I have a runny nose, my ear aches a little, sporadic mood swings, and exhaustion.

You would think that these classic food chemical intolerance symptoms would clue this poor woman in that perhaps she should avoid these unpleasant and reactive foods. Her child has broken out in eczema for heaven’s sake. But no:

But these are all good signs really, because they present that things are taking place internally. They show me that I really need to work on my liver health and encourage the bad bacteria to be flushed out before traveling into my blood stream. I’m amazed that one capsule of bio-kult is doing so much when Dr. McBride encourages working up to 8 capsules per day and then tapering back down to 4 for maintenance. I’m also amazed by the power of coconut oil in killing candida.

With all my discoveries on this diet I really am beginning to think that probiotics should be slowly administered after a few weeks eating an SCD or anti-candida diet otherwise there is too much die-off at one time causing the body to be overloaded with toxins.

Well anyways, I must end by saying that I’m so happy to be getting better even though at times it seems like we are just suffering. Detoxing and Die-off

The alleged ‘power of coconut oil in killing candida’ is actually this poor woman experiencing horrible physical reactions to coconut oil, which are brought on because it is very high in salicylates and SLAs. In the cult of candida-land, this translates as being ‘a herx’ and ‘it means you are getting better’. I am just amazed how people do such horrible things to their bodies and still think they are doing themselves some good.

What happens a week later?

Though, I thoroughly love Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride and her work and her probiotics, I have currently disowned her procedure for healing leaky gut. Why? A few reasons, firstly, doing the diet as well as the probiotics (even in the tiniest amount) was too harsh on my body. Maybe a young child who has not had candida for very long could handle her method very well but for my own damaged gut, my body had difficulty expelling the toxins. Instead, the toxins were hitch-hiking through my blood stream. And somehow into my nursing daughter’s system too.

The author has been recruited by bonkers Bee Wilder and her anti-candida diet and is now eating a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. The diet is lower in food chemicals, but still relatively high compared to a normal diet.

After just a day or so on this new path, I felt so energized, strong and capable, so happy! It took a little while to balance my blood sugar levels until I learned that I wasn’t getting enough fat. I no longer have any blood sugar issues and my impulsive food cravings (usually for a handful of nuts) has disappeared. I can go longer between meals (I had been eating every other hour). I went running yesterday with my babe and daughter. Jason said I’m much more delightful. No more intense die-off, just a little here and there. A shift

I also experience the same energy rush and increased tolerance to food chemicals on a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. And I assure you it has nothing to do with candida and everything to do with the reasons the ketogenic diet is used to treat intractable epilepsy in children. But just like me, this woman is never going to feel truly ‘right’ on this diet.

How are things going lately?

Last week we went out to dinner and I ordered a thai salad. Though everything on it was ok (besides the dressing which I’m sure had sugar in it) the lettuce was raw and my gut is not ready for raw greens. I seem to do ok with a small amounts of fermented veggies like pickled ginger root and pickled garlic and any sauted veggies. But eating raw greens while healing a damaged gut is like eating sand paper, it is very irritating. I felt terrible for about 36 hours after that dumb mistake. My stomach hurts

She’s blaming all of her problems on tiny mistakes like slightly too many carbohydrates or too much fibre, just like I used to. Actually, the problem is the extremely high chemical Thai dressing she has eaten.

Another tragic victim of WAPF’s promotion of quack cures over science.


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The Biomed Extremists

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Kevin Leitch is the father of an autistic girl and the author of a blog that I respect. In recent months Leitch has been attacked by the biomed community for speaking out against the vaccination theory of autism, chelation, and vitamin megadosing. One prominent member of the mercury brigade responded by using the name and image of Leitch’s autistic daughter in emotive propaganda against him, at which point Leitch stopped blogging for a while, because much as he could cope with abuse directed at him, bringing his daughter into things was inappropriate. This is always a risk that internet debunkers have to take. When you start threatening people’s intensely held religious beliefs, it really upsets them.

In a blog post today, Leitch questions the behaviour of parents and DAN! doctors who experiment on autistic children. It is worth a read. I’ve seen stories like the ones that Leitch mentions over and over again on yahoo groups.

It’s very painful to visit those biomed forums and start reading the things that these parents are doing. When I read about the huge doses of vitamins and the chelation chemicals they are using, I get very angry. The parents even know that their children almost always respond negatively to these supplements, but they still give them because they are so desperate for their children to be ‘normal’. People seem think it’s okay, because these parents are trying to cure their ‘monstrous’, children of a ‘devastating disorder’ that will ‘ruin their lives’. I hate this attitude. If those children were neurotypical, their parents behaviour would be considered child abuse.

You see, I have been there as an adult with unofficially diagnosed asperger’s syndrome. I have willingly spent thousands of pounds experimenting on myself with supplements. I know what it feels like when you give an autistic child these supplements. People think that vitamins are harmless, but they are not. Especially not when you have a balance of neurotransmitters as sensitive and delicate as an autistic. During the last few months alone I’ve given myself a limp in my DVT leg with vitamin K, I’ve given myself serotonin syndrome with riboflavin, I’ve amined myself with folate and given myself a resurgence of eczema that took two months to clear, I’ve glutamated myself with B12, and I’ve given myself brain fog with B6. Sulphites – which cause the same reactions in autistic children as sulphur based chelators do – make me feel like death. You may as well bring back smacking, at least that’s a short-lived pain.

One might assert that most of these parents must be autistic themselves due to their complete failure to empathise with their children. Talk about pygmalion syndrome. Is it only ever neurotypicals who want autistic people to be normal? Or are some parents so afraid that they might be autistic themselves that they have to hate autism and find reasons that it isn’t genetic? Is this like the myth of the closet homosexual who is the most publicly homophobic person? I think thee protest too much?

An example of the paranoia and lack of medical knowledge in these groups is demonstrated in one of the messageboard quotes Leitch came across:

The past few days he’s had white chunks in his stool. Loser than normal stools, very light in color, almost like mustard with dark specs. DAN doc says yeast does NOT come out in poop … then what is it?

What is it with this dirty fascination with stool that the yeast/parasite/bacteria/SCD/GAPS people have? My dog does craps like this when he eats nothing but fat meat. Does that make him autistic?! Is he dumping yeast?! No! The white lumps people spot in poo are not ‘balls of candida’ or anything else alive. They are undigested fats that have saponified (turned to soap) due to the normal presence of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. The colour of poo is determined by how much chlorophyll and haem (heme) you consume, as well as whether you are breaking down your own haem into bilirubin. It’s no big deal. I’ve known people freak out and stop doing failsafe because their poo went yellow when they stopped eating so many greens and so much aged red meat.

Leitch links to an old post of his where he describes a mother who is chelating her autistic son. This post contains a video which people should watch. I don’t think many people actually know what an autistic child looks or sounds like. You will be struck by how normal this little boy is. He sits quietly for two hours and writes down bus timetables on a board to keep himself amused. Is that something that needs ‘curing’?

This post demonstrates such a great example of a typical mercury-mom approach. Check out the boy’s lab report at the bottom of the page. Virtually every heavy metal is in the low-normal range, except for aluminium and lead, both of which are only marginally over the normal range. This is clearly not a case of heavy metal poisoning, but people are so fixated on heavy metals being the cause of autism that they ignore the evidence before their very eyes.

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